Essie Bobbing For Baubles

I have to admit that Essie isn’t my go-to brand, not because they don’t have pretty colors or interesting collections, but I’ve had some – shall we say – not so good experiences with their polishes. Though after seeing a lot of gorgeous swatches of Essie Bobbing For Baubles, I just had to give in despite my somewhat lukewarm relationship with Ms. Weingarten’s creations.

Bobbing For Baubles is a beautiful, dusty, dark navy blue creme. It was released right before New Year’s with the Cocktail Bling collection for Winter 2011.

This polish was a dream to apply, very pigmented and smooth and opaque in two thin coats. The biggest surprise was the brush, I have never liked Essie’s skinny brush, but now it looks like they have changed to a wider, square brush. Me likey!

I was also surprised by how grey this polish looks compared to the swatches I’ve seen online, and I see that even in my own pics it looks bluer than it seems in real life. I did a small comparison between a grey (China Glaze Concrete Catwalk) and a blue (China Glaze First Mate) just so you can see how it looks.

I bought this polish at a local store (Cubus), I think the price was NOK 129. That equals roughly $21, so it’s quite a lot more expensive than getting it at for instance TransDesign, where Essies are $8 a bottle. Still, I was so happy to see that we can get more “international” brands where I live as well, so I decided to buy it locally in the hopes that we could get more polish into Norwegian stores! (I wouldn’t mind lower prices either, but one thing at a time.)

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  1. You know it’s funny, but I’ve bought more Essie in the last year than the entire time I’ve been hoarding polish. This one really appeals to me, too!

  2. Elsker denne! B├ąde fargen, finishen og konsistensen. Tror dette er en av mine favoritter fra Essie:)

  3. I have this and think its just so pretty and different!! Glad you picked it up!

  4. This polish really changes color it seems! I really thought it was a blue haha.

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