Linda Johansen Nail Candy Purple Haze & Star Gazer

The other day I got a message that a mystery package had arrived for me at the post office. I didn’t remember ordering anything from that sender, so I was super curious to find out what it was. Turns out it was a beautiful box of goodies from Linda Johansen Beauty Shop!

The box contained two Lip Spa lip balms, a bottle of Speedy Top Coat and two bottles of polish from the Winter Breeze collection.

I’ve reviewed the top coat earlier, along with the shade Mannequin, read more about it here. Today I will be showing you my swatches of the two winter colors, called Purple Haze and Star Gazer.

First out is Purple Haze, this is a purple taupe creme. It has a chameleon-like quality, sometimes it looks grey, sometimes brown and sometimes it leans more purple. Although it’s a creme, it looks very similar to Chanel Paradoxal, just without the violet shimmer. A very chic and edgy color.

Next we have Star Gazer, and I just have to say wow! What a stunner! It has the same base color as Purple Haze, but it’s packed with tiny glitter particles in gold and purple that really makes it sparkle. It kinda reminds me of a purple version of SpaRitual Sacred Ground, which I also love.

These were easy to apply, just a tad streaky on the first coat(s). I used one thin and one thicker coat for Purple Haze, and it really levels out beautifully on the nail. For Star Gazer I needed three coats, but you could also layer this one over Purple Haze, since the base colors are so similar. I’ve used the Speedy Top Coat over these swatches, and it’s a quality top coat with great shine.

These polishes, and other products from Linda Johansen’s line, can be purchased here. The price of the nail polishes is NOK 139 a bottle.

By the way, did you know that Karianne from Neglelakkmani is a color consultant for Linda Johansen’s nail polish line? I trust her to give Linda some insider tips on what we nail polish addicts really want to see more of! ;)

(These products were sent to me for review.)

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  1. Oh snap Star Gazer!!

  2. Väääääldigt snyggt! Så diskret men ändå spännande med skimret som bara… wow! Jag gillar!

  3. Star Gazer has to be mine <3. Love your swatches!

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