Lynnderella Connect The Dots

I have a confession to make. When Lynnderella’s polishes first started to crop up in NOTD pics over at the MakeupAlley nail board, I didn’t like them at all. I just couldn’t see the appeal in these weird, chunky glitters at all (I may or may not have had PTSD after such disasters as Deborah Lippmann Funky Chunky – brr!).

One of the polishes that the nailboarders swooned over the most, was this one, Lynnderella Connect The Dots. From The First Edition collection, this has black and white hexagon, square and bar glitter with slight sparkle in a clear base. When layered over a creme, it’s as Lynn calls it “instant nail art”. The effect reminds me of what we in Norway call Respatex, or what you probably know as Formica. You know those laminate tables with weird patterns from the 70’s, right?

Yum, yum, camels! You know I love me some humpbacks! I’ve had to eat them so many times before, and again I had to chomp down on some dromedary meat. Of course I couldn’t resist the constant barrage of gorgeous Lynndicures, and finally even the infamous CTD found its way to my mailbox and onto my nails.

I had a hard time deciding which creme to put this over first, I want to put it on ALL THE COLORS! But finally OPI Shorts Story won out, and here’s 1-ish coat of CTD over OPI SS.

I say 1-ish coat, because it was a bit difficult to get the bigger hex pieces out of the bottle with this one. Seems like the square bottles have a skinnier brush than the round bottles from the first batch, and sadly the glitters don’t want to hang on there as well. I had to fish around to get some bigger glitters, and somehow dab them onto my not-so-glittery nails. A bit of a bummer, to be quite honest.

CTD is a chunky one, so I pulled out the Glitter Tamer. Or should I say the Old Man’s Balls, because it sure is wrinkly! I think I need to thin my bottle already, but I’m not giving up on it yet! I’ll wrangle those Old Man Balls into submission! Ahem.
Anyway, even with GT and a coat of SV, this still needed some more, so after a while I added a coat of Barielle Manicure Extender and another coat of SV. The result is super smooth and glossy, just the way I like it.

You know the drill, Lynnderellas are soon available at Llarowe, $15 a pop and international shipping, yada yada. If you don’t get the ones you want now, just be patient. Lynn and Leah Ann are working their cute little buttocks off to make sure that everyone gets what they want, so all good things come to those who wait!

Whoa! Sorry about the wall of text! I guess I have a lot to say about chunky glitters, haha.

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  1. This is the only Lynnderella I would pick up. But I do like seeing swatches of the others! They just aren’t for me.

  2. Cool! I don’t have any Lynderellas jet, but I do want some. Only I know I can’t stop myself if I’m first gonna buy one, there has to be more and the wallet says no…

  3. Haha wow.. jag såg en video på youtube där en tjej pratade om just detta lack och hon sa att det är jättesvårt att få tag på men det är så värt att köpa det… jag tänkte genast på dig och tänkte jag skulle tipsa dig om lacket :D haha
    Det ser häftigt ut :)
    Köpte lacket Greys Anatomy häromdagen.. tyckte det var så fint då du visade det här på bloggen så jag var tvungen att köpa det :D
    Sköt om dig

  4. What’s a glitter tamer…i have not heard of this until now?
    Very pretty over the pink :)

    • Glitter Tamer is a top coat made by Lynnderella, it’s very good for smoothing out really chunky and thirsty glitters, but it’s not easy to work with. Sort of a love-hate relationship with that one. ;)

  5. Ser ju otroligt vackert ut! :)

  6. just got ahold of this myself last week! its a great one, but not as good as your use of “old mans balls” Omg….

  7. I’m at that point right now. I cannot see the hype. It’s a cool polish but all I can think is, “I can do that myself”. It looks great on you though :)

  8. I died laughing when I got to ‘Old Mans Balls’, hahhaha! :-P

    CtD is such a pretty polish, probably my favorite Lynn that I own. ^_^

  9. Connect the dots is wonderful over that pink!

  10. I want to love this, but I love her other shades more so I didn’t get this. It’s pretty, but I like shine and color more. :) It looks good like this though.

  11. I just emailed Llarowe, and got an automatic message stating that they aren’t accepting anymore requests….I even offered my first born. Still can’t believe someone is trying to sell this on Ebay for $50.00. I know all about supply and demand, but seriously you shouldn’t give a nail polish addict a glimmer of hope and then dash that hope with a auto-generated message….

    • I think we all just need to be patient, that’s all. Lynn and Llarowe work as hard as they can to start their new businesses, so it’s only natural that there are a few kinks in the beginning, and especially when the demand is so huge as it is now. All good things come to those who wait! :)

  12. Sorry, didn’t mean to vent on your blog. Love your color choice. I think it looks awesome over green as well. So jealous of your tip wrapping skills!!

  13. I like the Lynnderella polishes. But I can’t justify 15 bux a bottle.. I have too many polishes as it is, anyway.

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