China Glaze Pull Me Close

If 2011 was the year of the crackles, 2012 seems to be the year of the magnetics. I’m not complaining, while crack polish wasn’t my cup of tea, I’ve been fascinated by magnetic polish and I’m happy to see that so many brands are bringing it back. China Glaze just came out with the Magnetics collection, and I chose the blue Pull Me Close from that one. I really didn’t need another magnetic polish, as I already have two from nails inc., but I just had to have the China Glaze horseshoe magnet. That’s the only one I’ve seen which has a star pattern, and I’ve been lemming a star magnet ever since I learned that magnetic polish even existed.

Some bloggers have reported that the China Glaze magnet doesn’t work that well, but I didn’t have any problems with it. Sure, it doesn’t work as quickly as the nails inc. one, but the design showed up crisp and clear after holding it over my wet nail for approximately 30 seconds. By the way, Scrangie has a great magnetic polish FAQ, so check it out if you need some tips and tricks on getting magnetics to work for you!

Pull Me Close was quite easy to apply, I started out with one coat on each nail, then I added a second coat on one nail at a time and held the magnet over the wet polish while counting slowly to 30. I love the sort of 3D effect the magnetic pattern gives, so smexy!

The China Glaze Magnetix is available in stores and webshops now, I got mine from eBay because I only wanted the one polish and the magnet.

What do you think of the magnetic trend? Do you welcome it, or are you as sick of it as I am of crack? ;)

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  1. Tycker det är bra att China Glaze har släppt en kollektion så det faktiskt går att få tag på dem till ett bra pris :) Ska beställa nåt i min nästa beställning tror jag!

  2. Hmmm, I love the look but it’s out of my price range! Maybe I can splurge and use a different polish as a basecoat to make it last…

  3. That looks so cool! I still haven’t decided yet if I really need a magnetic polish… but this one’s really tempting.

  4. Fint och roligt! Har två av Magnetix-lacken på väg i posten, men nu ångrar jag nästan att jag inte köpe allihopa.

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