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The ABCs: S for Sara

I rarely wear red polish, but I always love them when I do. Red nails are classic for a reason, you know! I was happy when I saw that I had an untried red polish starting with the letter S, namely Zoya Sara from the Fire and Ice collection.

Sara is a real stunner, packed with lots and lots of glassfleck glitter that makes it look like it glows from within. It’s a very raspberry-leaning red, almost looking pink at certain angles. I figured out why, it’s because the glassflecks actually change from gold to pink! You can tell from the bottle in these pictures, see how the glitter is golden at the top of the bottle, but flashes magenta at the bottom? Gorgeous!

Please excuse the vampirish skintone in these pics, I just got my hands on a macro lens for my Nikon D90, and I haven’t completely figured out how to adjust the white balance and everything else perfectly yet.

Sara is a dream to apply, the polish glides on very effortlessly. You could probably get away with one thickish coat of this one, but I did two thinner coats to make the color deeper and more saturated.

I got this from Nailetc, where it’s still available for $8. (It’s listed as Sarah, though, my bottle says Sara. Scrangie mentioned the same difference between bottle name and Zoya spoon name in her post about this collection.)

The ABCs: R for Rainforest

The letter R is represented by Ozotic Pro 503, also known as Rainforest. This is one of Ozotic’s fabulous multichromes, and it changes from purple through emerald green and olive to khaki brown. I didn’t manage to catch all the color changes in my pics, and the purple shift shows up as blue, but you still get an idea of what’s going on in this beautiful polish.

Like the other Ozotic Multichromes, Rainforest is very sheer on its own and needs to be layered over a darker base color. This is two coats over black. The formula is nice and easy to work with, neither too thick nor too runny.

I bought this one from Picture Polish a while ago, but it seems like it’s sold out both there and at Llarowe and Harlow & Co. If you’d still want something like this, I think Ludurana Admirável looks pretty similar. Luduranas are available at Llarowe for $14 a bottle.

The ABCs: Q for Quelle Surprise!

So there I was again, without a polish to write about for the next letter in the alphabet. Now what? Luckily, I went to town yesterday, and of course I had to pick up some polish while I was at it. One of the laquers I found was H&M Confetti, a DL Happy Birthday-inspired number. When I got home, I was looking at the bottle and wondering what I should do with it. I really don’t need another sheer layering glitter, so something had to be done. Suddenly, inspiration struck, and I poured the entire bottle into some sheer white, added 10 drops of NYX Inc, and voila! Quelle Surprise! was born.

The result is a baby blue jelly base with gold, silver, red, blue and green glitter in different sizes. Kinda like another Lippmann polish, Glitter In The Air, on steroids. Oh, and the name? I was just surprised that I actually made something that looked kinda cute.

What do you think of my spur of the moment franken? It’s super simple to make on your own, all you need is a mixed glitter with a sheer base and white, and a color of your choice to tint the base. Or you could leave it white, if you prefer that!

The ABCs: P for Pet My Peacock

Today’s letter is P, and it’s represented by Spoiled Pet My Peacock. This is another one of the Spoiled polishes that Karen helped me get. Pet My Peacock has silver, gold, green, teal and purple hex glitters in a clear base, and it’s very sheer, so it needs to be layered. I chose China Glaze Lemon Fizz as undies for this one, I think I’ve been craving yellow polishes because Easter is coming up! I love this combo, PMP looks like fun and happy confetti or polka dots over the light yellow base. Perfect for Easter!

Applying this polish is not fun! The brush is so big and moppy, it’s like trying to apply polish with a spoon. The glitters are also very sparse, but the base is thick, so it builds a lot on the nail. I’ve used two coats for this mani. On the good side, the glitters aren’t that chunky, so just one coat of Seche Vite makes it reasonably smooth.

Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild lacquers can be  bought at CVS, the price is $1.99 a bottle.

The ABCs: O for Orchid

2012 is really turning out to be the year of indie brands, and I certainly am not complaining! Etsy is practically flowing over with talented new frankeners, and a few weeks ago I found a link to a store called Candeo Colors. The bottle pics made my jaw drop, and before I knew it, I had placed an order for four bottles.

Today I will be showing you the polish conveniently beginning with “O”, Candeo Orchid. Orchid has a shimmery fuchsia base and is loaded with small copper, light purple, magenta and large silver holographic hex glitter. Holy macaroni, this is so stunning! Absolutely breathtaking! I guess I don’t have to say there was love at first sight.

Not only is this pretty to look at, the formula is great as well. It’s also one of the rare occasions where you can actually wear the indie polish on its own, I’ve used two coats here and that’s enough for full coverage. I also had no big problems getting a decent amount and variety of glitter onto my nail, all in all an excellent polish in every way!

Candeo Colors is as I said an Etsy store, it seems like they are sold out at the moment, but keep an eye on the Facebook page for updates. As far as I can tell, they will be restocking on this Thursday (3/29), and if I remember correctly, the polishes are $8 a bottle.


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