The ABCs: G for Give Me The Chills

Here’s a little weirdo I found over at A Beautiful Secret, Maybelline Colorama Give Me The Chills. It’s a sheer topcoat with loads of super fine iridescent bar glitter which creates a subtle, color changing effect on the nails. A little too subtle sometimes, perhaps. The glitter is so fine that it’s almost invisble, but maybe that’s exactly what you need every now and then?
Here I’ve used two coats of GMTC over OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em.

The formula is quite good, but since it’s a topcoat, that’s not really super important anyway. What do you think of this strange little fella?

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  1. Det ser lite ut som lakanmärken måste jag säga :S Ett väldigt udda lack!

  2. That’s a really interesting top coat. Love the effect over the pink. :)

  3. very neat! Almost a fiberglass look.

  4. I got this topcoat as a swap extra last year and haven’t used it ever since. I remember it had a weird texture. Nah, that one’s not for me.

  5. Nice layering–I love quirky polishes like this Colorama!

  6. Väldigt udda. Ser ut som små flammor i lacket. Lite coolt.

  7. Strange indeed. Glittery vermicelli-but I like it!

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