The ABCs: H for Hi-Tech

The ABCs roll on, today we’ve come to the letter H, which is represented by Milani Hi-Tech. Hi-Tech is one of the 3D Holographics, and these scattered holos have my favorite holo finish of all times! This one is right in the middle between green and yellow, I guess this color is called chartreuse?
Lo and behold, we even got some (albeit weak) sun today, perfect start to the holo season, don’t you think? The rainbow effect in Hi-Tech is a little bit stronger than I managed to capture in these pics. Man, why don’t I wear holos more often, I simply love this acid green holobomb!

The formula is quite nice, a little bit thin, but manageable. For all intents and purposes it’s opaque in two coats, but I’ve used three coats here, because macro reveals even the slightest hint of visible nail line.

Milani 3D Holographics are still available at Cherry Culture, and they’re actually on sale right now at $3.99 a bottle.

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  1. Fin! Saknar den silvriga och guldiga från denna kollektionen men ska göra den komplett snart. Tycker de är så fina, och dessutom lätta att få tag på och med rimligt pris. Perfekt ju! :)

  2. I personally like this polish, and i own it too. But when i went to school with it everyone thought it looked like puke on my nails :)

  3. Den här är ju så fin! Älskar alla de här holo-lacken :)

  4. Oj jösses så fint :D
    Är det okej för dig ifall jag också gör detta A is for etc på min blogg? :) Länkar självklart till dig. Ett bra sätt att få nagellacken i användning :)

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