The ABCs: K for Key Lime

A week ago I was secretly freaking out about today’s post because it turns out I only have one polish starting with the letter K, and I’ve alreay posted about it. But suddenly an unexpected box containing seven Linda Johansen Nail Candy lacquers from the new Sugar Blossom collection appeared in my mailbox! Luckily for me, one of them started with K, so here’s Linda Johansen Nail Candy Key Lime!

Key Lime is a soft pastel spring green with fine shimmer. It’s very cute, and I don’t have anything like it in my stash. It looks more mint green in my pics than it is in real life, it’s really not that stark.

The formula was nice and easy to work with, and I needed 2-3 coats to get full, even coverage. I recommend waiting a few minutes between each coat to avoid bald spots. It dries a smidge dull on its own, but a coat of Linda Johansen’s Speedy Top Coat really brings out that beautiful shimmer.

Linda Johansen Nail Candy lacquers including the Sugar Blossom collection are available at Linda Johansen Beauty Shop, the price is NOK 139 a bottle.

This product was sent to me for review.

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  1. But Key limes aren’t green, they’re yellow…

  2. Jättesnyggt lack :)
    Fick lite panik häromdagen jag också för jag märkte att jag inte har något lack som börjar på Q, U, X eller Z :D
    Okej det är kanske inte så konstigt att man int har lack på Q, X eller Z men jag trodde jag hade något på U men jag måste ha drömt :D

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