The ABCs: M for MishMash

Today’s polish comes all the way from Australia, and it has the euphonious name Ozotic Pro MishMash 534. Why is it called MishMash, you wonder? It’s because it’s a simply genious mix of holographic and duochrome! It’s like the two biggest nail polish obsessions of mine from last year got together and had a mindblowingly gorgeous baby.

Miss 534 has a base that flashes between blue, indigo, pink, golden and purple, and in addition it has a rainbow of holographic particles that shows up in bright light or in the sun. I hope you don’t mind a slight picspam!

This polish could theoretically be used solo, but I’ve layered it over black here. Not only does it preserve the preshush polish, but it also makes the duochrome colors pop more. This is two coats over a black creme, and 534 is very easy to apply.

What are you waiting for? Run, don’t walk (your fingers over your keyboard, that is) to Picture Polish, Llarowe or Harlow & Co and get you some of this gorgeousness!

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  1. Det här lacket verkar helt underbart! Vill ha!

  2. So painfully gorgeous! I’m such a sucker for holos :)

  3. Jätte vackert! I’m finally starting my own abc:s later today. You have presented lot’s of beautiful lacquers already.

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