The ABCs: N for Nosegay

Since Easter is coming up, I felt that it was time for some pastels. Lynnderella Nosegay fit the bill perfectly, along with OPI Rumple’s Wiggin’ it makes an instant easter egg mani!  Some of you might be wondering what Nosegay means (I know I did when I first saw it!), it is actually a small bunch of flowers, bouquet or posy.

Lynnderella Nosegay is is made with lavender and purple multi-sized hexagons and squares, with blue-violet shimmer in a translucent pale violet base. I like that it’s not a total glitterbomb like a lot of the other Lynnderellas, and what really makes this one unique, is that lovely hidden shimmer that shows up when the light is just right.

I didn’t want to try making this opaque on its own, because I like the scattered effect you get with just one coat. OPI Rumple’s Wiggin is the perfect base coat. The formula is also excellent, as with all of Lynnderella’s polishes. She has really nailed the formula on her polishes, and in my opinion that gives her laquers an advantage over a lot of other indie brands.
This is not as bumpy as a lot of her other glitters either, I got it smooth with a combo of one thin coat of Glitter Tamer, one coat of Barielle Manicure Extender and finished it off with Seche Vite.

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  1. That’s really cute and Rumples Wiggin is probably my favourite lilac pastel. :)

  2. Vackert! Ett av de finaste Lynnderella-lacken jag sett, tror jag. :-)

  3. Where can I purchase these nail polish

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