The ABCs: S for Sara

I rarely wear red polish, but I always love them when I do. Red nails are classic for a reason, you know! I was happy when I saw that I had an untried red polish starting with the letter S, namely Zoya Sara from the Fire and Ice collection.

Sara is a real stunner, packed with lots and lots of glassfleck glitter that makes it look like it glows from within. It’s a very raspberry-leaning red, almost looking pink at certain angles. I figured out why, it’s because the glassflecks actually change from gold to pink! You can tell from the bottle in these pictures, see how the glitter is golden at the top of the bottle, but flashes magenta at the bottom? Gorgeous!

Please excuse the vampirish skintone in these pics, I just got my hands on a macro lens for my Nikon D90, and I haven’t completely figured out how to adjust the white balance and everything else perfectly yet.

Sara is a dream to apply, the polish glides on very effortlessly. You could probably get away with one thickish coat of this one, but I did two thinner coats to make the color deeper and more saturated.

I got this from Nailetc, where it’s still available for $8. (It’s listed as Sarah, though, my bottle says Sara. Scrangie mentioned the same difference between bottle name and Zoya spoon name in her post about this collection.)

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  1. Sara är så otroligt vacker! Ett av de vackraste röda…

  2. Jag älskar verkligen rött, ändå är det ganska sällan jag använder det. Men det finns ju så många färger och jag gillar de flesta. :-) Sara är en favorit, älskar skimret!

  3. This red is divine….❤ it…

  4. What are you going to do when you finish the letters of the alphabet?

  5. You know, I found out about this blog when u posted a comment on cutepolish’s YouTube wall asking for her hunger games nails!! Lol

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