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Two Lynnderellas from the Lovely is as Lovely Does collection

Hi! Long time no see again, but now I’ve finally started my summer vacation, so hopefully that leaves me with plenty of time to play with nail polish.

Today I have a couple of Lynnderellas from this winter’s “Lovely is as Lovely Does” collection. There’s been a lot of ruckus surrounding Lynnderella lately, and I don’t want to get into that whole can of worms, so let’s just talk about the polish, shall we?

First we have Sweets to the Sweet, described by Lynnderella as “translucent white multi-sized hexagons and squares, with scattered yellow, red, purple, turquoise, lime and emerald squares and hexagons in a shimmering translucent white sparkling base. There are also small iridescent green hexagons to sweeten the mix”. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the glitter in this polish is bleeding, causing the white base to turn a slight pinkish hue.

This is two coats of STTS over OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu.

The other one I have for you today is Boy-Girl Party, which is “a mixture of red, fuschia, pink, blue, turquoise and royal multi-sized hexagons, squares and diamonds in a transparent pink base”. There’s been reports of bleeding glitter with this one as well, but I can’t tell if my bottle has any fading glitters or not.

This is one coat of BGP over two coats of Revlon Desire.

Both of these were easy to apply, and the glitter is very dense and spreads easily and evenly over the nail. They are sheer, so you’ll need to layer them over a corresponding (or contrasting) base color.

Now, Lynnderellas are no longer available at Llarowe, instead Lynn will now be selling them herself through eBay. Unfortunately, that means no international shipping and a much higher price tag (they will now be $20 a bottle). Lynnderella has started updating her blog again, and there you’ll find information on where to buy, and also pictures of her new collection “Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice”.

What do you think of this whole situation? All I can say is that I keep my fingers crossed that Lynnderellas will be easily available for everyone again.

Smitten Polish Blueberry Crumble

You know I love indie polishes, and it’s even better when fellow bloggers and nail polish enthusiasts break out and start their own lines! Noelie of Noelie’s Nails just launched her brand Smitten Polish, and her first collection is called Nommy Noms. It consists of four dessert inspired polishes in milky bases, and since I’m crazy about milky glitters at the moment, I just had to get two of them immediately.

I couldn’t wait to try them out, and my first choice was the blue based, blue glittered Blueberry Crumble. These polishes really live up to the dessert theme, they’re so cute and look so yummy that I just want to eat them! (Don’t drink nail polish, though, it’s really bad for you!)

The formula is very good, just a tad on the thick side, but easy to apply. The glitters distribute on the nails easily and evenly, and I used three coats for full, even coverage. The best thing is that it’s not bumpy, so you only need a thick coat of Seche Vite to make it smooth.

You can buy Smitten Polish at Etsy, and the price is $9 a bottle.

Essie She’s Picture Perfect

Essie came out with one of the cutest little collections this year, the 2012 Resort Collection which consists of four colors. My nail polish collection is getting really saturated right now, so I don’t often get exited by “regular” collections, but I actually had to get two of the four polishes in this collection.

Essie She’s Picture Perfect was one of them, and this is a gorgeous light lilac with subtle pink shimmer. I’m such a sucker for pink shimmer, so naturally this had to come home with me.

This was a bit on the runny side, but still quite easy to apply. Despite its pastel look, it’s not streaky at all, and it’s opaque in two coats.

The Essie Resort Collection is available online and in stores right now, I bought mine at TransDesign, and the price is $4.49 a bottle.

OPI Smitten With Mittens

OMG you guys, I’m so sorry for disappearing on you again! It seems like every time I set out to be more active on my blog, life takes a left turn and I get bogged down in stuff to do which leaves no time for doing nails or blogging. I hope I’ll be less busy from now on though!

Here’s a mani I wore a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been wearing a lot of glitters and indies lately, but sometimes you just want something simple and classic, you know? OPI Smitten With Mittens has been sitting in my untrieds drawer for a while, but when I laid eyes on this beautiful, gold-flecked red, I knew this was the perfect “palate cleanser” color.

Smitten With Mittens was released with the Holiday Wishes collection in 2009, which means it’s limited edition, discontinued and hard to find at the moment. I was lucky enough to find it at nailXchange’s blog sale a while ago, and I think blog sales or eBay are the best options if you want to get your hands on this one.

The formula and application is perfect, it glides on very easily and it’s opaque in two coats. If you want, you could add a third coat to make the color a bit deeper and richer, but I think it looks great the way it is as well.


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