Two Lynnderellas from the Lovely is as Lovely Does collection

Hi! Long time no see again, but now I’ve finally started my summer vacation, so hopefully that leaves me with plenty of time to play with nail polish.

Today I have a couple of Lynnderellas from this winter’s “Lovely is as Lovely Does” collection. There’s been a lot of ruckus surrounding Lynnderella lately, and I don’t want to get into that whole can of worms, so let’s just talk about the polish, shall we?

First we have Sweets to the Sweet, described by Lynnderella as “translucent white multi-sized hexagons and squares, with scattered yellow, red, purple, turquoise, lime and emerald squares and hexagons in a shimmering translucent white sparkling base. There are also small iridescent green hexagons to sweeten the mix”. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the glitter in this polish is bleeding, causing the white base to turn a slight pinkish hue.

This is two coats of STTS over OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu.

The other one I have for you today is Boy-Girl Party, which is “a mixture of red, fuschia, pink, blue, turquoise and royal multi-sized hexagons, squares and diamonds in a transparent pink base”. There’s been reports of bleeding glitter with this one as well, but I can’t tell if my bottle has any fading glitters or not.

This is one coat of BGP over two coats of Revlon Desire.

Both of these were easy to apply, and the glitter is very dense and spreads easily and evenly over the nail. They are sheer, so you’ll need to layer them over a corresponding (or contrasting) base color.

Now, Lynnderellas are no longer available at Llarowe, instead Lynn will now be selling them herself through eBay. Unfortunately, that means no international shipping and a much higher price tag (they will now be $20 a bottle). Lynnderella has started updating her blog again, and there you’ll find information on where to buy, and also pictures of her new collection “Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice”.

What do you think of this whole situation? All I can say is that I keep my fingers crossed that Lynnderellas will be easily available for everyone again.

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    I ❤ the second polish, the glitter is always fun. I need to get into the indiepolish but some seem to be just as pricey as the name brand.

  2. Fine lakker, Men ikke kjøp på ebay, det er visst lureri. Det sies at det er broren hennes (på 50 år) som sitter å selger disse “sjeldne” lakkene til en ekstrem pris! Broren får disse fra søsteren slik at han kan tjene seg penger. Veldig smart å “slutte” å selge ja. Synes heller ikke det er verdt prisen i og med at hun bare sitter der og skraper sammen noe glitter og maling til en billig penge.

    • Ja, det stemmer at broren hennes har fått lakker for å selge på eBay. Hvis du leser på bloggen hennes, så har hun innrømmet det selv. Hun har også skrevet at hun har brutt samarbeidet med Llarowe og har startet sin egen eBay-butikk. Enig i at 200 dollar er alt for mye for en neglelakk, og selv om hun visstnok skal selge dem selv for 20 dollar stykket på sin egen butikk, så er det i meste laget for meg.

  3. Det med broren, det var de eBay auksjonene som gikk for 200$.

  4. I was thinking about buying some Lynn polishs but then I just got pulled into the hype by seeing a blog on Lynns new “business”. I have found out the following and here are my thoughts. Lynn calls herself a “snob” (go see her blog) and she is that from what she is doing.
    I wouldn’t buy a thing from this woman. She is selling her polish on Ebay for $800.00 a bottle not only is it questionable but if she is actually getting the money and the sell is for real she is just proving she is all about the money.

    I can’t believe someone who calls herself an “artist” and tells of her hard upbringing would throw over Leah, the very woman who made Lynn a household name.

    I hope how soon Lynns Ebay ripoffs end and she sees that being a “snob” will get you no where. I will buy from Leah as she actually cares about her customers and is not breaking her customers like Lynn.

    • Yes, it’s sad but true. I’ll keep shopping with Leah Anne as well, but there’s no way I even have a chance to buy any Lynnderellas from now on.

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