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NailsIT Companion Cube and PB&J Sandwich

Another new indie recently found its way into my stash, this one’s called NailsIT, and I have two of her super cute creations to show you today.

The first one is called NailsIT Companion Cube, and it has silver hexes, white squares, pink hearts and small holographic glitter in a milky grey base. Sounds familiar? It totally evokes the beloved companion cube from the game Portal!
I thought the glitters drowned in the milky base when I tried to get it opaque on its own, so I layered one coat of CC over OPI My Pointe Exactly.

The next one is called NailsIT PB&J Sandwich, and I was lemming this from the very first time I saw it! It has a gorgeous grape jelly base with small and large gold and copper hexes, and there’s a beautiful holo shimmer running through it. I absolutely love this one! My pictures lean a little to the blue side here, but the base color is mostly accurate at the sides of the nails.

I had no problems applying either of these polishes, and the glitters are very easy to get out of the bottle and onto the nail. I prefer Companion Cube layered, but PB&J Sandwich looks best on its own. This is three coats.
What I didn’t like so much with these are the bottles and brushes. The handles are very long, so they don’t fit in a Helmer or Alex, and the brushes are a little bushy. Just nitpicking though. (But I have to say the handles are very comfortable to hold when painting!)

NailsIT lacquers are sold here for $8 a bottle.

OPI Care To Danse? and My Pointe Exactly

I think the New York City Ballet collection is my favorite from OPI this year. I don’t know why, but these sheer, soft and ethereal jellies just won me over big time. They are just so versatile, both to wear on their own, but especially to use as underwear for glitters and glitter sandwiches. I got no less than four of the six colors in this collection, and today I’ll show you two of them.

First we have OPI Care To Danse?, a sheer lilac jelly. It looks clean and crisp, and it’s perfect for work or to slap some glitter on and use for a blingy party mani.

Next is OPI My Pointe Exactly, which is a sheer grey jelly. I wasn’t quite sure whether to buy this, and when I first tried it, I didn’t even know if I liked it. I think it looks pretty odd on its own, but it’s perfect for layering.

Both of these were pretty easy to apply, just use a light hand and fairly much polish on the brush. The first and second coats are somewhat patchy, but with a third coat they both even out beautifully. They are super shiny on their own, both swatches here are shown without topcoat.

What do you think of the NYC Ballet collection? Did you fall head over heels for these jellies like I did?

Wet ‘n’ Wild Believe Me, It’s Real

So I finally got around to trying my last pick from the Wet n Wild Ice Baby collection. This was a limited, 8 polish collection that was released for the holidays last year, and I bought four of them. I’ve previously showed you Cost Is No Issue, Back Alley Deals and It’s All In The Cut, and today I have for you Wet ‘n’ Wild Believe Me, It’s Real.

Believe Me, It’s Real has mostly blue glitter, but there’s larger purple hex glitters throughout. The purple definitely shows up on the nail, but it went into hiding when I tried to photograph it. You can see it on the side of the bottle in the second pic, and that’s what you’ll see on the nails as well.

The formula is of course thick because of the dense glitter, but I think it’s very easy to apply and I like the brush. I needed two coats for coverage. I used two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite on top, but it was still bumpy the next day. Be prepared to feed a lot of topcoat to this hungry topcoat eater!

As I mentioned, this was a limited edition collection, so sadly this isn’t easy to find anymore. If you really want it, I suggest trying swapping, blog sales or eBay. You might get lucky!

(Speaking of blog sales, please stop by mine as well!) :D

Catrice Heavy Metallilac

I fell in love with Catrice Heavy Metallilac a while ago after seeing it on Nihrida’s blog, and I was so happy that I was able to get this in a swap with the sweet Kesha recently.

Catrice Heavy Metallilac is a super gorgeous purple shimmer, it has that glowy, lit-from-within quality. Under bright light, it looks almost duochrome, and the middle of the nail turns almost bright pink. So stunning, it reminds me of China Glaze Coconut Kiss on steroids. Now, this is definitely hard to photograph, being a fussy purple and all, but I’ve tried to get the color on the nails as accurate as possible, so please don’t pay attention to the lobstery looking fingers.

As beautiful as this looks, it was a bit of a pain in the ass to apply. The formula is thick, but at the same time gloopy and runny, so I could suddenly find myself with a big blob of polish on my nail if I wasn’t careful about wiping the brush. And the brush itself is just horrible, wide and chunky and very difficult to work with. It’s not completely on the level of Spoiled brushes, but it’s right up there with the IsaDora paddles. I really love the color, though, so I might decant this into a better bottle later. I’ve used two coats for full and even coverage.

Catrice is a German brand, which is sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Spain and Portugal. The best bet for us living in other countries would be swapping with someone who has access to Catrice where they live, or you could try eBay. The retail price is (I think) €2.49 a bottle, but it will probably be more expensive on eBay.

OPI Pink Me I’m Good

Today I have a polish I got in a swap with a very sweet forum friend. This is OPI Pink Me I’m Good, an Ulta exclusive for Valentine’s Day in 2010. I saw some pics of it a while ago, and I fell in love with it. It’s a light pink jelly packed with fine golden iridescent glitter, right up my alley! You know me, if it’s pink or purple with gold glitter or shimmer, it has to be mine!

I have to admit, I didn’t get butterflies in my stomach by looking at this in the bottle, but somehow I was drawn to it and  had to put it on today. As soon as it was on my nails, it was love at first sight! It’s a very cute spring or summer polish, and I can definitely see why this was a Valentine’s Day special.

The formula on this was not so good. As most glitter polishes, it was thick and moppy, and it was difficult to get it close to the cuticles. I thought it would be quite sheer because of the jelly base, but it actually covers beautifully in two coats. I’ve used a thick coat of Gelous and a coat of Seche Vite, but it’s still a little rough and bumpy when dry.

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