Wet ‘n’ Wild Believe Me, It’s Real

So I finally got around to trying my last pick from the Wet n Wild Ice Baby collection. This was a limited, 8 polish collection that was released for the holidays last year, and I bought four of them. I’ve previously showed you Cost Is No Issue, Back Alley Deals and It’s All In The Cut, and today I have for you Wet ‘n’ Wild Believe Me, It’s Real.

Believe Me, It’s Real has mostly blue glitter, but there’s larger purple hex glitters throughout. The purple definitely shows up on the nail, but it went into hiding when I tried to photograph it. You can see it on the side of the bottle in the second pic, and that’s what you’ll see on the nails as well.

The formula is of course thick because of the dense glitter, but I think it’s very easy to apply and I like the brush. I needed two coats for coverage. I used two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite on top, but it was still bumpy the next day. Be prepared to feed a lot of topcoat to this hungry topcoat eater!

As I mentioned, this was a limited edition collection, so sadly this isn’t easy to find anymore. If you really want it, I suggest trying swapping, blog sales or eBay. You might get lucky!

(Speaking of blog sales, please stop by mine as well!) :D

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  1. What a gorgeous polish. Like night sky in a bottle.

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