NailsIT Companion Cube and PB&J Sandwich

Another new indie recently found its way into my stash, this one’s called NailsIT, and I have two of her super cute creations to show you today.

The first one is called NailsIT Companion Cube, and it has silver hexes, white squares, pink hearts and small holographic glitter in a milky grey base. Sounds familiar? It totally evokes the beloved companion cube from the game Portal!
I thought the glitters drowned in the milky base when I tried to get it opaque on its own, so I layered one coat of CC over OPI My Pointe Exactly.

The next one is called NailsIT PB&J Sandwich, and I was lemming this from the very first time I saw it! It has a gorgeous grape jelly base with small and large gold and copper hexes, and there’s a beautiful holo shimmer running through it. I absolutely love this one! My pictures lean a little to the blue side here, but the base color is mostly accurate at the sides of the nails.

I had no problems applying either of these polishes, and the glitters are very easy to get out of the bottle and onto the nail. I prefer Companion Cube layered, but PB&J Sandwich looks best on its own. This is three coats.
What I didn’t like so much with these are the bottles and brushes. The handles are very long, so they don’t fit in a Helmer or Alex, and the brushes are a little bushy. Just nitpicking though. (But I have to say the handles are very comfortable to hold when painting!)

NailsIT lacquers are sold here for $8 a bottle.

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  1. Companion cube is stunning <3

  2. Oh, vad snygga! Nu vill jag också ha dem. Fasen, det släpps för många fina kollektioner och finns för många bra indie-tjejer. Jag har inte vare sig tid eller råd att hänga med. Skriver upp dessa på min milslånga lista för köp i framtiden.

  3. i really love both of them! Can you please look at my blog and leav a comment? That would meen ALOT for me! hugs <3

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