Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing

More indies! (Does it ever stop? NO! Thank goodness!)

Today I have The Worst Possible Ting (but it’s really the best thing!) from Rainbow Honey, another handmade polish brand. This is from the Equestria collection, based on the tv series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. I’ve never watched the show, but I had a few My Little Ponies when I was little, and I loved playing with them. I can totally see where she’s coming from with the pony-inspired glitter blends.

The Worst Possible thing is inspired by the pony Rarity, and according to the creator Dee, it’s a sheer layering polish, jewel encrusted just as Rarity would endorse, shimmering with opalescent flakes in purple and blue and a multitude of holographic and iridescent glitters.

And I just have to say, it’s so cute I almost die! My pictures of this is so worthless, it’s hard to capture all the color changes and sparkliness. It’s really gorgeous in real life, it just has to be seen! I couldn’t figure out what to layer this one over, so I eventually decided on a gradient with China Glaze Agent Lavender, Something Sweet and Sugar High.

Ain’t that just the gosh darn cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! Ahem.

Now, this polish is really, really thick and chunky. It’s packed with glitter, so it’s almost more like spreading butter on your nails than actually painting the polish on. Luckily it’s a sheer topcoat, so it’s ok for this purpose. The polish is also topcoat hungry, so I recommend using a couple of coats of your glitterfoodiest topcoat.

I ordered four of the Equestrias, in addition to this I got A Little Kindness (Fluttershy), Pinkie Promise (Pinkie Pie) and The Element of Magic (Twilight Sparkle). Polishes are available at Rainbow Honey’s website, where full size bottles (15 ml) are $10 and mini bottles (7 ml) are $5. Shipping to Norway is around $17 as far as I remember (small flat rate box).

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  1. I love love love love LOVE this mani! Also love the glitter- I’m thinking I’m going to have to do a gradient tonight :) I’ve been dying to pick up some of their glitter polishes, and it looks like this one is at the top of the list!

  2. Omg that’s too pretty

  3. Ja, hur sött var inte det där då? Galet!

  4. hey i really like this nail polish but i dont know where to get it, can u tell me?

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