Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness

Here’s the second one of the Rainbow Honey Equestrias I bought, this is Rainbow Honey A Little Kindness, based on the pony Fluttershy. The Rainbow Honey website describes this one as rose, white, gold, and soft green glitters float in a delicate and sheer yellow base with an iridescent pink shimmer.

A Little Kindness is just as cute as its sister The Worst Possible Thing, I think I’m in love with these lacquers. I’m not going to say much more, because I have a lot of pics of this one, and I’m just going to let them speak for themselves. I’ve layered one coat of “Kindness” over a bubblegum pink jelly franken I made.

This polish wasn’t as thick as the other Rainbow Honey I’ve tried, it was easy to apply, and the glitters dispersed evenly, with just a little dabbing here and there. The pink shimmer is just divine, and I think it looks great both in bright light and in daylight. I’ve used Gelous x 2 + Seche Vite over this mani, and it’s completely glassy smooth.

Another thing I love about Rainbow Honey, is the packaging. Each bottle comes in a super cute box, it looks so pro and exclusive!

With a colordrop and the name on the top of the box, very convenient! (The bottles also have labels with the color names on top of the bottles.)

What do you think of this brand? Have you tried any Rainbow Honeys yet, or are you going to? I can’t wait for the other two collections to come back in stock, both the Sakura Matsuri and the Chrono Cross collections look so pretty!

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  1. ouahhhh il est sublime le rainbow honey, j’adore, je ne sais pas si ils livrent en france mais j’aimerai beaucoup

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