China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling

The other day I broke one of my nails something fierce, meaning that I had to cut all my nails down to super nubs. (I can’t stand having uneven nails.) What do you do when faced with nubbinity? Bring out the vampies, of course!

I decided on another polish I got in the swap with Kesha, this is China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling. It was originally released in 2005 with the Visions of Grandeur collection, then re-released with the Fine Wines and Chocolates collection in 2007. It’s still available at TransDesign, so I guess it’s core now.

Ravishing, Dahling is a gorgeous deep burgundy red jelly, and it looks exactly like red wine. Very yummy, and very sexy.

The formula was a little tricky, it tends to be runny and it’s not easy to get even without dragging and bald spots. I did two thin coats and a third, thicker coat, which in the end evened everything out.

I love this color, and I’m so happy that I got to swap for it, because it turns out I don’t have any red jellies in my stash! In fact, I don’t own a lot of jellies, period, but I’m starting to rectify the situation. What’s your favorite jellies? Please comment and give me your best tips for jelly must-haves!

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  1. nailsbeautiqued

    What a beautiful red jelly…Amazing! :D

  2. That is a sultry red – I rather like it!

  3. Åh, denne var bare rålekker!

  4. Wow, den ser verkligen fantastisk ut på dig! Super squishy, som jag gärna vill försöka slicka bort från naglarna.

  5. Den här brukar komma fram när jag måste klippa ner naglarna mycket också. Jag älskar det här lacket så jag borde använda det någon gång då jag är nöjd med mina naglar också.

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