KleanColor Pastel Blue

My second polish from the small KleanColor/BeautyJoint haul is KleanColor Pastel Blue. I have such a weak spot for light blue cremes, so when I saw this, it just had to come along in my shopping cart.

The formula was good, and not as streaky as most pastels. I needed two coats for full coverage, but it needs a topcoat to smooth out all lumps and bumps. It also dries very slowly, even with Seche Vite. I woke up with sheetmarks on two of my nails today, and that usually never happens!

Which colors are your weak spots?

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Posted on August 14, 2012, in Kleancolor and tagged , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 16 Comments.

  1. nailsbeautiqued

    so pretty it’s one of my weak spots too :)

  2. Military greens and smoky olives are my weak spots. Totally!

  3. Vilken ljuvligt mjuk blå!

  4. Oerhört fin färg! Synd att det torkade så långsamt bara. :/

  5. Nails and Noms

    What a gorgeous blue!

  6. My dear, I always adore your swatches- thank you for all the time you put into them <3
    I tagged you for a Liebster Award!! :)
    Thanks for all your awesome blog posts and good luck in the future <3

  7. Det ser jättefint ut! verkligen vackert!

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