Candeo Dolce

I have another one from my favorite indie brand for you today, this is Candeo Dolce. I was lucky enough to snag this before the brand exploded in popularity, but unfortunately this color has been discontinued. I didn’t know whether to post this or not, but I thought you’d might like to see it anyway. Who knows, you might just be lucky and get it in a swap or a blog sale somewhere!

Dolce has a cotton candy pink base with dark pink shimmer and multiple sizes of white, holo purple & silver hex and bar glitter. Also, holo silver half moons are in the mix. (Description from Melinda, the creator of Candeo.)

You could definitely layer this one over something if you want to preserve the pretty, but I wanted it to look exactly as it does in the bottle, so I used it on its own. This is three coats of Dolce.

Super duper cute and pretty!

What do you think of posts with old, discontinued or hard to find polishes? Would you rather see stuff you could easily get, or do you like to see pics even if the polishes can be difficult to get? Please let me know what you think!

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  1. Patty Killion

    You know older, not available are nice to see, BUT it breaks my heart if I fall in lust with it and I can’t buy it. That is just like the indie polish maker who was just creating and making custom polishes. She then put them in her etsy shop on display. I wanted to purchase a few and was informed that they were not for sell to the public.

  2. Both! I definitely love seeing polishes I could actually get – but these hard to finds or discontinueds are great too – they exist, therefore it is important to see them, be inspired by them, or even just know what the fuss was about :D Thanks for the swatches!

  3. Lovely! I have this one too but the larger magenta glitters in mine all curled and warped :( Even though they are small, the “puffiness” of them makes the polish a huge PITA. It does look awesome on you though!

    • Thank you!
      Some of the magenta glitters in mine were curly as well, so I had to dab a little to spread them out. I guess that’s why this was discontinued?

  4. nailsbeautiqued

    So pretty! I love to see all pics it might be discontinued but you can always find a close dupe :)

  5. den här var jättesöt på dig!

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