Cult Nails Enticing

It’s time to try my very first Cult Nails, and the choice was the soft pink Cult Nails Enticing. This was first released with the Divas and Drama collection in 2012. A regular baby pink doesn’t sound very exiting, right? But the truth is that I love it! In the age of amazing glitter bombs, it was this neutral light pink that made my heart beat faster.

I think it’s because it makes my hands look really clean and fresh, and I think that’s because of the almost-hidden super fine iridescent shimmer. Such a lovely neutral polish.

The formula is also top notch. I was afraid that it would be streaky and chalky, looking so pastel in the bottle, but it’s nice and easy to apply and it evens out very well on the nail. It’s opaque in 2-3 coats, but I had to do 4 coats here because my nails were stained horribly green by the Pahlish I was wearing earlier.

Cult Nails are sold online, and the price is $10 a bottle.

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  1. Wow that’s so pretty! I thought it’d be much cooler toned than it is. Nice!

  2. polishedandperfect

    Oooh, it’s so pretty!

  3. I agree, baby pink never looks ‘exciting’ in the bottle but once applied your nails look so different and fresh. I think it’s the one shade that suits every skintone.

  4. det ser vÃĪldigt fint ut!

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