Franken Mademoiselle F & Happy Hands Motherboy

Today I have a combination of two very cute pastel polishes for you.

One of them is a franken I made with Essie Mademoiselle. I thought it looked a bit too much like one of the OPI NYC Ballet polishes, so I added quite a few drops of OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em to the bottle, turning it into a cute bubblegum pink jelly. I called it Mademoiselle F, the F is for franken, obviously.

This is nice and easy to apply, and I love that Essie drugstore brush! I wish all Essies could have them, the regular salon brush is way too thin for me. You’ll need a couple of coats of this for a subtle pink wash (perfect for french manis), but since my nails still have a lot of stains, I used four coats here.

I can’t just leave a blank canvas like this, so I picked out Happy Hands Motherboy from my untrieds drawer. This mix of pastel satin glitters in green, aqua, baby blue, pink, and lavender is from the Arrested Development inspired collection called “I’ve Made A Huge Mistake”. It looks super cute and delicate over this pink jelly, a really nice combination!

One coat is enough, and it’s nice and easy to apply with a little bit of dabbing here and there.

Happy Hands nail polish is sold on Etsy, the price is $8 a bottle.

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  1. This is an adorable combo. ♥ Love it!

  2. Ah, det ble delikat og lekkert sammen! <3

  3. I love what you turned Mademoiselle into! Love!

  4. Jättefin tillfrankning av Mademoiselle! Jag gillar den genomlysliga rosa. Vackert.
    Och det är roligt att du visar så mycket indies, även om just det här inte kickade igång min köplusta.

    • Tusen takk, Sminkan! :)
      Blir nok masse indies her framover, det er nesten bare det jeg har kjøpt i det siste. ;)
      “Vanlige” lakk frister liksom ikke lenger. :lol:

  5. Jag gillar också vad du gjorde med Mademoiselle! Blev väldigt, väldigt sött!

  6. I love this combo, it really is so pretty, pastel, and delicate! And I love your franken, I need to franken some jellies for myself!

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