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Life happens…

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry for the lack of posts here lately, but sometimes life just throws you a curveball, and all the best laid plans are thrown out the window. Sounds pretty dramatic, and it might be, but at least it’s the good kind of drama!

Long story short, in September I found out I was almost five months pregnant with my first child. I hadn’t been feeling sick, tiredness was chalked up to working nights, my clothes still fit me and my cycle was already messed up in the first place, so I didn’t think twice when my period was late. After five positive pregnancy tests, my husband and I finally started to realize that I might actually be knocked up after all! A week later, at the doctor’s office, at last this little creature showed herself to us!

So things have been a bit different here lately, to say the least!

We’re busy remodeling two of our bedrooms, one is going to be our “office” and the other one the baby’s room, obviously. I’m still at work, and between preparing physically and mentally for parenthood and getting everything ready before the baby arrives, nail polish has somehow become something very far down on the to-do list. ;)
In addition to that, I have very bad carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand, and now it seems like the left hand is getting it as well.

I hope you’ll understand that posting will be sporadical from now on, if I get around to posting anything at all that is. Let’s just say I’m taking a break, and any posts I do get up will be a bonus. I won’t blame you if you move on, but I’ll keep reading and following you guys, and I will as always appreciate any and all feedback I get here.

Thanks for reading my big wall’o’text, and bye bye for now! :D
Love, S.


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