Hare Oceans of Alloys

Hi guys! I’m still here, gestating away with my carpal tunnel syndrome-ridden hands. ;) I just thought I’d quickly stop by to show you one of the most beautiful polishes I’ve been wearing in a long time! Here we have Hare Oceans of Alloys, released with the Finder’s Keepers collection this fall.

According to Hare, Oceans of Alloys is “a dusty light blue jelly with a mixture of gold and copper glitter in both hexes and squares in several different sizes. Mysterious iridescent blue glitter is scattered throughout, as well as delicate gold flecks.” The base color looks more green than blue on me, but there’s no doubt that this is truly unique and very gorgeous! I can’t stop admiring my nails right now.

Hare Oceans of Alloys 1

Hare Oceans of Alloys 2

Hare Oceans of Alloys 3

The formula is great, I used three thin coats of OoA alone for this mani. I had no problems getting thin, even coats, and the glitters are easy to distribute and don’t clump together at all. You’ll need a few layers of top coat, I got this one smooth with two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you soon!

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  1. So nice nail polish :)

  2. Väldigt vackert! :D

    Hoppas att allt går bra med graviditeten och att du mår fint!

    • Takk! Alt går kjempebra med meg og babyen, så nå er det bare å vente og slappe av! :D Termin 19. januar, så håper hun holder seg inne til over nyttår. ;)

  3. Wow.. ett sådant vackert nagellack :)
    Hoppas att du har det bra och att graviditeten går som den skall :)

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