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>>> Nailin’ It! Blog Sale Spreadsheet <<<

Please read these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience for all of us!

The columns are pretty self-explanatory, there’s the polish brand, name, condition and price. Be aware that the prices are in NOK, you can find a currency converter here. If the polish is lined out, it’s sold or spoken for. A lot of the polishes in the list have corresponding swatches on my blog, so you can check them out there. If you can’t find any swatches, please feel free to ask and I’ll upload a pic.

This blog sale is open to both local and international buyers. All sales are on a first come, first served base, I’ll be handling the orders in the order I recieve them. All sales are final and the prices are not negotiable.

To place an order, email me at solveigsallaup [at] gmail [dot] com. This is the only way to place orders for this blog sale, comments will be ignored. When I’ve recieved your order, I’ll email you with the payment information. Please include where you’re from when placing an order, so I can calculate the correct shipping fees.

When you’ve recieved an email with your order total, orders must be paid via PayPal within 24 hours, or I will cancel your order and put the items up for sale again. I ask you to please pay the fees when paying, and include your name, address and items when paying so I know who’s paid for what. My PayPal address is solveigsallaup [at] gmail [dot] com, I will not ask you to pay to any other address.

Shipping varies to different locations, here are the prices for orders up to 5 bottles or 350 grams:
Within Norway – NOK 35,-
Within Europe – NOK 48,-
Rest of the world – NOK 65,-

Shipping for up to 1000 grams:
Within Norway – NOK 70,-
Within Europe – NOK 95,-
Rest of the world – NOK 130,-

When the payment is recieved, I’ll email you when your package is shipped.

Happy shopping!


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