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Random manicures while I wait…

My due date is only days away, and I’m just waddling around the house waiting for the baby to pop out. Since I can’t do any heavy housework, my days are mostly spent baking and/or painting my nails. (Not at the same time!)

I’ve been changing my polish a lot lately, because of course it’s extremely important to have the perfect manicure when I’m in labor! ;)
At least I’ll have something pretty to look at, right? Here are a few of the manis I’ve been sporting lately, in no particular order.

Sonoma Nail Art 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea over nailstation haute voltige

SNA 20000 leagues under the sea 2

SNA 20000 leagues under the sea 1


China Glaze Ravishing, Dahling with nail stickers




All That Glitters Arose From A Sleep




China Glaze Shower Together stamped with Make Up Store Greta




Sonoma Nail Art Tallulah over Essie Not Just A Pretty Face (matteified)

SNA tallulah 1

SNA tallulah 2


Which one is your favorite, and what would be your ultimate manicure? :)
I still haven’t found mine, so I guess the search continues! That’s what’s fun, right?

All That Glitters Kissing On A Frog

Kirsten from All That Glitters released her Princess Collection this fall, and I bought three out of the seven glitterbombs. Tonight I’m trying out my first choice of the three, this one’s called All That Glitters Kissing On A Frog.

Kissing On A Frog has a green/yellow duo colored base with sea green, periwinkle, turquoise, blues and greens mixed in various colors, shapes and sizes. It’s seriously packed with glitter, so I decided to layer it over a corresponding base color, in this case Essie Turquoise and Caicos. At first I didn’t fall for this polish, thinking that the heavy shimmer made it look a bit too frosty. But after a while, it grew on me. This looks really great in indirect light, super sparkly and fun! It’s also a nice change of pace from the pink, purple and blue stuff I usually tend to steer towards.

(Please click on the pics to enlarge, I hate how weird and unfocused the pictures get when they are compressed on the blog!)

There’s no denying it, this polish is thick. Being this packed with glitter, it’s understandable that the formula will be on the moppy side, so I think I’ll feed it some thinner before I use it another time. I only needed one coat over Essie T&T for this mani, though, and the glitters spread reasonably well on the nail in spite of the chunky polish. It’s also quite smooth for a glitter, so I only needed a coat of Gelous with Seche Vite on top to get it even.

All That Glitters purchase and updates info:
Etsy – $8 a bottle, ships internationally
Facebook – Check out the new Halloween “BOO-tique” Collection!

Another week’s hauls!

Last week the rest of my various orders came in, so now I’m properly overwhelmed by indie gorgeousness. Here’s a little picspam of the stuff that appeared in my mailbox.

First we have a couple of Pahlish polishes, Toxic and Timeless and My Oblivion. These are not new, but they weren’t in stock when I placed my last order, so I snagged them when I saw they were available again. And don’t you just love the new label?!

Next up is three bottles from Rainbow Honey‘s Sakura Matsuri collection. I got Koi Pond, Sakura Matsuri and Hanami. I’ve been lemming these for so long, and I was thrilled when the collection finally got back in stock!

All That Glitters recently released a new collection called The Princess Collection, and of course I had to get a few of those. My picks were Kissing On A Frog, Arose From A Sleep and Not A Prize To Be Won.

Finally, I managed to get my hands on Lynnderellas from the newest collection Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice. As you may know, these are now only available on eBay for buyers in the US, but luckily I got a friend to help me “mule” them over here. I got six of these this time, as I’ve snagged Common Sense in a private sale earlier.

The first three are Deep Blue Seeing, When The Moon Was A Star and 50 Shades of May-Be.

And the other three are The Garden of Even, Glass Houses and A Neutral Party.

For shopping and pricing info, check under the “Indie Sellers” header in the sidebar.

Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see swatched!

All That Glitters Metal Petal

My attention span is terrible, especially when it comes to sparkly polish. I got All That Glitters Metal Petal back in March, but I still haven’t gotten around to trying it. There’s always something new and shiny to catch my attention! But now I was craving something glittery to layer over my Color Club Pucci-Licious mani, and Metal Petal was just the right thing.

Metal Petal is a veritable glitter bomb, it has small glitter, bar glitter, tiny shimmery glitter and big hex glitter, all of them silver holographic in a sheer light pink base. I wasn’t really sure if I liked it at first, but after a while it grew on me, and now I love it.

Now, application of this was tricky, to say the least. It’s very thick, so I thinned it and put some ballz in the bottle. Still, even after putting the bottle upside down for a while, the biggest glitters were very shy. Finally, I just fished them out and placed them on the nail with an orange stick. A high maintenance polish, but worth it in the end.

All That Glitters polishes are sold on Etsy, the polishes are $8 a bottle. You can also follow ATG on Facebook for updates and pictures.

As a PS I just have to say a few words about customer service. Unfortunately, I discovered that two of my ATG polishes had become discolored because of bleeding glitter. I contacted Kirsten to notify her about my problem, and she gracefully and immediately offered me either a refund or replacement. I think good customer service is very important, so ATG got a big plus in my book from the way she handled my complaint. (For the record, I’m the only customer who’s reported bleeding with these polishes, so hopefully this was just a freaky glitch!)

The ABCs: D for Dear Hearts and Deep Violet

Today is D-day, and it’s a 2-for-one! Come check out my double Ds! Ok, I’ll stop with the puns, I just couldn’t help it. ;)

I’ve been swatching All That Glitters Dear Hearts over all kinds of colors on nail wheels trying to figure out which one to layer it over, but I didn’t find the perfect match until Verity Deep Violet showed up in my mailbox. These two are a match made in heaven, so I was really relieved when Deep Violet got here just in time for my D-manicure. A big thanks to the lovely Noelie, who helped me get my hands on this beauty!

Dear Hearts is a handmade polish with pink glitter and shimmer and also pink, red and lavender heartshaped glitter in a sheer pink base. Deep Violet is a lovely dark purple jelly. Here’s how they look together.

Deep Violet is simply a dream to apply, it’s neither too thick nor too thin and it levels out beautifully. I used two coats here, but if I were to wear it on its own, I would probably have used three.

Dear Hearts is a bit trickier, because the hearts are not easy to get hold of. But with some fishing, I got a reasonable amount of hearts spread across my nails.

Verity lacquers can be bought at eBay for $3 a bottle, but please be aware that the international shipping is very expensive! If you can, get a friend overseas to forward them for you.
All That Glitters polishes are available at Etsy, at $8 a bottle. Dear Hearts was a Valentine’s special edition, so it’s only available as long as supplies last!


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