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BB Couture Impact Driver

Let me just tell you, having a blog sale and a no-buy at the same time is a terrible idea! I didn’t save any money or reduce my stash, because every penny I earn from the blog sale goes to new polish! Oh well, I’ve at least minimized my wish list lately, by acquiring a lot of long-time lemmings.

One of those lemmings is BB Couture Impact Driver. Now, BB Couture is one of the few companies I know of that have a series of nailpolish made especially for men. They have lots of different collections for men, and I think the colors are actually cooler than the “for ladies” collections. And I just love that you can see all of the polishes swatched on real nails in the BB Couture online shop! Why don’t more companies do this?

Anyway, Impact Driver isĀ  a deep, dusty slate blue infused with blue, silver and purple microglitter. The glitter particles almost look like microscopic flakies, and it gives the polish not as much sparkle as a sort of interesting texture. I totally love it!

The formula is simply divine to work with, ultra pigmented and almost opaque in one coat! I used two, though, to even everything out. The polish has a wonderful consistency, and it levels itself beautifully on the nail. It says on the bottle that it’s “specially formulated just for men”, and then I thought, do men need or deserve better formulas than us girls? I haven’t tried any of BB Couture’s other polishes, so I hope this fantastic formula is there in the girl’s polishes as well! I just hope the men’s formula doesn’t give me chest hair, that’s all!

What do you think of nailpolish on men? Is polish a thing that should be for women only?

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