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Chanel Graphite

Here’s another one of Chanel’s fall polishes, Chanel Graphite. This might look like a simple silver foil, but it’s more than that. The silver is more of a tarnished silver, and there are some gold and even some blue sparkles as well. Even though I think it’s very pretty and I like it a lot, I’m not as blown away by this as Péridot. It’s a nice polish, but not super unique.

The formula is ok, just a little runny. It covers ok in 2 coats, but I still did 3 coats to make it totally opaque.

Here’s a comparison between Graphite, GOSH Silver and Milani Silver Dazzle. As you can see, Graphite is darker and has a more complex finish than Silver, while Silver Dazzle is darker than Graphite still.

Did you fall for Chanel Graphite, or do you think it’s too ordinary?

Chanel Péridot

Chanel’s fall collection this year is called Illusions d’Ombres, and it contains three mineral/gemstone themed nail polishes: Péridot, Graphite and Quartz.

Péridot and Graphite has been the big hits from this collection, while the shimmery taupe Quartz hasn’t been that popular. Pretty strange, seeing as the similar Illamasqua Bacterium got a lot of praise. It’s all in the context I guess, because Quartz has quite the opponents in Péridot and Graphite. Those are obviously the two I finally caved in and got, and today I’m going to show you Péridot.

This is a sublime color, and I actually gasped when I opened the box and saw the bottle for the first time. It changes from a greenish, tarnished gold to a bright green, it’s fabulous to look at. The finish is somewhere in between metallic and shimmer.

The formula is pretty great, I had no problems applying this, even though I hate Chanel’s brush. It’s opaque in two thin coats. And I have to say, this really wears well! I’ve been wearing this for two days now, and it’s still flawless. Pretty good for a Chanel, they usually chip like a mofo.

I definitely don’t regret caving and getting this, I predict it’s going to be a coveted classic. If you’re still hesitating, get it while you can! I can assure you you won’t have any problems getting rid of it if you find out you don’t like it anyway.

Chanel Morning Rose

You didn’t think I could go on vacation without buying any nail polish, did you? Granted, I didn’t buy any polish in Greece, but I just couldn’t walk past the Chanel stand in the airport duty free shop. Since I’ve been lemming Chanel Morning Rose a while, this one found its way into my shopping basket.

When I saw the promo for Chanel’s Les Fleurs D’Ete collection this spring, I immediately fell for the yellow Mimosa, but I feel like Morning Rose is going to be a longer lasting love. This is a beautiful, springlike, slightly coral leaning light pink specked with beautiful golden glassfleck glitter. It kinda reminds me of a lighter, more subtle version of China Glaze Strawberry Fields. It’s incredibly wearable, and since I’m going to work this weekend, I thought it would be a good work-safe polish.

The formula is very nice, and not as streaky as it’s sister Mimosa. Morning Rose is smooth and opaque in 2-3 coats. This is a really beautiful summer polish that will look great on tanned hands.

I hope everyone’ll have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!
Love, S.

Chanel Mimosa

For spring 2011, Chanel has released a collection called “Les Fleurs D’Ete”, which means “summer flowers”.

One of the beautiful polishes in this collection is Chanel Mimosa, a lovely sunny yellow with lots of beautiful golden shimmer. And it got here just in time for Easter! I’m sorry for the dark and dull pictures, but the sun is being really shy this spring!

This polish was really nice and easy to apply, but unfortunately it was really sheer. I ended up having to use four coats before I was happy with the coverage, and that lead to it drying really slowly, so I managed to bump into a lot of stuff and ruining my mani before it was dry (even with Poshé).  Because of all the coats, I also got a lot of bubbles on my nails. The next time I wear this, I think I’ll wear it over a white or neutral “underwear” polish.

I hope you’re having a great Easter! I’m going to see my family tomorrow, so I’ll be away for a little while. See you later!
Love, S.

Chanel Paradoxal

Last year Chanel came out with this weird putty, taupe, purpleish shade with hidden shimmer. It was called Paradoxal, and this polish really lives up to its name. I wasn’t even going to get this one, I couldn’t decide whether I liked it or not. In every swatch pic I saw, it looked different! Is it purple, taupe or grey? Is it a creme or a shimmer? Actually, it’s everything all at once!

Chanel surely must know what they’re doing, because I just couldn’t get this weirdo out of my mind, so when I saw it in the duty free shop when I went to Qatar in November, I decided to pick it up. I originally planned to swap it, but later I decided that I couldn’t let it go without seeing for myself what this polish was all about. I’m not sure I love it, not even if I like it, but at least it’s not boring at all!

I’m not too crazy about Chanel’s brush, I think it’s too soft and unmanageable. I also dislike the small knob that’s the handle, it’s not very easy to control like a normal brush handle. The actual polish itself has an ok consistency, and it’s opaque in two coats.

If you don’t want to splurge on a Chanel, this polish also has a lot of dupes, like most Chanels. The most popular dupe nowadays is Revlon’s Perplex, and that’s a good alternative if you need a budget option.

What do you think of Paradoxal and its dupes?

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.


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