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I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, so I had to layer something over LA Girls Idol to give it a little more oomph for New Year’s Day. I started out with a coat of China Glaze Blonde Bombshell, which is pretty in its own right. The multi-sized gold glitter goes very well with the dusty blue.

I still wasn’t quite satisified, so I added a coat of CND Crimson Sparkle. That was too subtle, so I needed something more. The magic happened when I finally added a coat of OPI DS Original on top. Holy cow, this is one of my favorite manis to date! In strong light it has the most beautiful holo effect, with a smidge of glitter peeking out underneath. But in low light, the holo effect is more subdued, and it looks more bronze-y, slightly duochrome and very glittery. I’m swooning over here!

Quite a successful layering, if I might say so myself! I need to do this more often, experiment with layers and effects. Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect every time, sometimes you get gems like these and it’s all worth it.

I hope you like it as much as I do! Thanks for reading.

CND Crimson Sparkle

A while ago I saw this post by Alizarine, and I fell fast and hard for CND Crimson Sparkle, so naturally this CND Effect had to join in my latest TransDesign haul.

I didn’t have a dark, dusty blue to layer Crimson Sparkle over, so in the spirit of advent, I layered it over OPI Funky Dunkey. Now, when I hear “crimson” I think of a deep, dark red, but this effect is actually a pink to gold duochrome! I’m not complaining, it looks fantastic. From lack of daylight, I mostly managed to capture the golden side of the shift, but when it changes, it’s the cutest raspberry pink that goes perfectly with the purple.

Formula was excellent, and since it’s meant to be layered, I only needed one coat over the OPI. I just love the CND sparkle effects, don’t you?

CND Effects are available in several different online stores, I bought mine at TransDesign. The price is $5.50 a bottle, and shipping to Norway is $20 for up to 9 polish bottles in a small flat rate box.


What do you do when you have on a polish that is green, glittery and uglyawesome? Make it even greener, glitterier and uglyawesomer, of course!

For today’s glitterbomb I covered China Glaze It’s Alive with Nfu-Oh 56 and CND Gold Sparkle. The result is überblingy!

What do you think? Too much, or just enough?

Visiting Old Friends

As I told you earlier, I’ve been wearing a lot of my old polishes lately. It’s so nice to rediscover forgotten treasures, it’s almost like seeing old friends after a long time away. Another fun thing to do is playing around and finding new layering combinations, and I’d like to show you two of my oldies but goodies that make a really cute couple.

This is GOSH Wild Lilac, a medium purple creme. She’s accompanied by CND Gold Sparkle, an CND Effects polish with tiny little gold flakes. I love this combo, it looks like falling snow.

Pure awesomeness! I’m dying to get my hands on CND Sugar Sparkle, but it seems to be quite the elusive little vixen.

Do you take the time to go through your stash and experiment with different layering combinations? Have you found any favorites?

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day!
Love, S.

CND Gold Sparkle

I decided to do a bit of layering over my previous mani, so I choose one of the “Effects” from the CND line, CND Gold Sparkle.

CND (formerly Creative Nail Design) came up with a great idea last year, a line of colors and effects that could be layered to create a massive amount of finishes. If you want to se almost every combo available, head over to The Edge of Sanity, where Gabrielle has swatched all of the Effects over six different colors. I’m so amazed and impressed by her skills and stamina, she’s a machine!

Anyway, here are my pics of CND Gold Sparkle over OPI Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees.

The formula, bottle, handle and brush of the CND are all super amazing! I think I’m in love with everything about this brand. The sparkles are like tiny flakes, gorgeous.

Such an easy way to create an exiting twist to a mani. I really want the Sugar Sparkle next.

Have you tried any of the CND Effects? Which one is your favorite, and what’s your favorite color/effect combo?

Thanks for checking in!
Love, S.


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