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Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe, Gingerbread & Sugarplum Fairy

Here are the rest of my picks from the Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe collection for Holidays 2011. I know it’s way too late, but I was really busy before Christmas and just didn’t get around to trying these in due time. I hope you don’t mind a little belated holiday collection swatchin’! If you do mind, I promise this will be quick and dirty.

Beyond The Mistletoe

Light blue-green and holographic glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.


Gold and holographic glitter in a sheer base. 3 coats.

Sugarplum Fairy

Silvery lilac and holographic glitter in a clear base. 3 coats.

The formula on all of these were pretty thick and gummy, quite typically for glitters. They are very sheer on the first coat, but all of them can be built to opacity in three coats. I bet they’ll work perfectly for layering in one or two coats, so they have great versatility. My favorites from this collection are Sugarplum Fairy and Jingle Jangle, which I’ve shown you here.

So there you have it, maybe you’d still like to get some of these glitterbombs? I bought mine from TransDesign, and most of this collection is still available there for $3.10 a bottle.

Random Spam #3

It’s time for another round of spam from the previously unsung heroes of my stash! This edition has no red thread, so just sit back and enjoy the ride. I hope there’s something good for everyone.

China Glaze Visit Me In Prism

Color and finish: Golden-taupey nude scattered holographic.
Collection: Kaleidoscope (2009)
Formula and coverage: Easy to apply, but be aware that you’ll easily drag the previous coat and get bald spots if you don’t wait a bit between coats. Very sheer, 4 coats for full coverage.
Where to get: Unfortunately, these are hard to come by nowadays, but maybe you’ll get lucky and find it in a blog sale somewhere? Also, “dusty” salons are likely to still have these in stock, or eBay as a last resort. Price will naturally vary.

China Glaze Starboard

Color and finish: Starboard-lantern green creme. Reminds me of when I used to go fishing with my dad when I was little, and he used to let me steer the boat, and how he taught me the difference between port and starboard. A nice basic color. (I had to hold the topcoat bottle, because when I held the polish bottle, all the green in the frame freaked out my camera and made the pic very inaccurate!)
Collection: Anchors Away (2011)
Formula and coverage: Glides nice and easy on the nail. Surprisingly sheer, I needed three thin coats for opacity.
Where to get: Web shops such as TransDesign, $2.99.

Orly Emberstone

Color and finish: Orange-red glassfleck (or mineral-fleck?). I can also see some pinkish particles here and there! This was hard to capture on camera, so my pics are more orange than it looks in real life.
Collection: Mineral FX (2011)
Formula and coverage: Easy application, but slightly on the runny side. 3 coats.
Where to get: TransDesign, $5.32.

Color Club Alter Ego

Color and finish: Purple based foil with gold and silver sparkles. Looks oddly grey and mostly silver on me, though.
Collection: Alter Ego (2011)
Formula and coverage: Slightly runny, but easy enough to apply. Sheer, so I needed 4 thin coats for full coverage.
Where to get: TransDesign, $3.10.

Hope you enjoyed this little roundup, thanks for stopping by!

Color Club High Society

After that awesome glitter bomb it’s time for another palate cleanser, this time with Color Club High Society from the 2010 Rebel Debutante collection.

I got this as an extra in my last swap, along with my Eliantos. I fell in love with this color the second it got on my nails, but I wouldn’t have bought it on my own, so this is why I love swaps so much. Like Revlon Cloud, this seemingly uninteresting polish became an instant favorite of mine!

High Society is a light greyed-out taupe creme, very chic and sophisticated. It looks exactly like chocolate milk, so maybe that’s why I think it’s so yummy?

The formula is simply divine, so smooth and easy to apply. I only needed two coats for full, even, shiny coverage.

This color falls right between two other favorites of mine, Chanel Particulière and Linda Johansen Nail Candy Mannequin.

What do you think of taupes, are you tired of them yet, or do you feel like me that they are still chic and incredibly wearable?

Color Club Jingle Jangle

I know it’s way too early for Christmas polishes yet, but when four glitter-tastic bottles from Color Clubs holiday collection Beyond The Mistletoe landed in my mailbox today, I just couldn’t wait to try at least one of them out. So I chose Color Club Jingle Jangle to be the first glitterbomb from this collection to adorn my nails.

I have to say that this is my second favorite glitter collection to come out this year, beaten only by the China Glaze Eye Candy collection. Beyond The Mistletoe goes for the classic, fine-glitter-only look, different from the multi-sized and hex-glitter laden collections we’ve seen from other brands this year, but that’s quite ok with me! Nothing wrong with classic bling (and some of the polishes even have holo bling, swoooon)!

Anyway, Jingle Jangle has tons of different colored glitter in a clear base, I see purple, lilac and aqua at least. Unfortunately, I don’t  feel that it looks entirely right on me, as it pulls mostly silver or grey. I was expecting a lot more color from this one, so I’m slightly disappointed.

Here’s an out of focus macro shot to show you how blingy this polish really is.

The formula was ok for a glitter, but it got a bit moppy towards the end. I used three coats, but because of the sheer base, I could perhaps have used a fourth. My nails were getting very thick at that point, though, so I stopped in fear of getting bubble nails. I think this polish looks better from afar, when you don’t study it too closely, you don’t see how sheer it really is, and the bling is more striking from a distance as well. This would make an excellent pedi color!

This is a thirsty polish, I thought a thick coat of Seche Vite would quench it, but it ate it all up. A coat of Barielle Manicure Extender on top made it smooth and shiny again.

I bought my Color Club polishes from, the Beyond The Mistletoe collection is now available at $3.10 per bottle.

A little stumble with the first “Mistletoe” from Color Club there, but hopefully the other three I got will redeem this collection!


Random Spam: Creme Edition

I have a lot of polishes in my untrieds drawer that for some reason don’t tickle my fancy enough to write a lot about them, so I thought, why not bunch them all together in a big, yummy pot of spam?! I have four beauties for you today, and the common denominator is the creme finish. One of my favorites, so smooth and calm, it soothes my nerves.

First we have China Glaze Sneaker Head, from the 2009 Kicks Collection. A slightly jelly-ish bright raspberry pink. Nice and easy to apply, three coats.

I found a near-dupe in my stash, here’s a comparison with China Glaze Heli-Yum. Sneaker Head is sligtly warmer and more coral than Heli-Yum.

Next is China Glaze Calypso Blue which came out with the Bahama Blues Collection way back in 2008. It’s an almost-black blue, so gorgeous! This is also easy to apply, and I needed 2 coats for opacity.

One of my biggest concerns when mulling over getting this one was if it was too similar to China Glaze First Mate. As it turned out, they are not close at all, here’s a comp.

Now for something completely different, this is Orly Enchanted Forest. A beautiful forest green creme that was released in 2009 with the Once Upon A Time Collection. Once again, flawless application. It’s opaque in 3 thin or 2 thicker coats.

Finally, here’s Color Club Ms. Socialite, released last year with the Rebel Debutante Collection. Ms. Socialite is a red based purple creme, and I needed three thin coats with this one. Very good formula on this one too.

I hope you liked my spam! I think this kind of post is a great way to feature polishes that might not make it on to the blog otherwise, so if you like it, I might do more later! Let me know what you think in the comment section.


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