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Crowstoes Cheshire

I’m sure you all know Crowstoes by now, but if you don’t, in my opinion it’s one of the most exiting new indie brands. With unique and fun polishes and collections based on for instance Alice in Wonderland and The Addams Family, who can resist them?!

I have a few Crowstoes polishes, and the first one I want to show you is Crowstoes Cheshire. Obviously inspired by the Cheshire Cat, it’s a formidable glitterbomb with different sized purple and magenta hexes, holo glitter and that something extra that made me fall for this one: big yellow hexes.

Here it is over my Essie mani from yesterday, this might not be the perfect “undies”, I think Cheshire would pop more over a lighter purple or lilac. I’ll try that next time!

I’ve tried Cheshire a couple of times before, so I knew that it was very thick. According to the “disclaimer” on Llarowe and Overall Beauty, this is made with uncut suspension base and thick consistency is to be expected. Before this mani, I thinned it to my preference, and that made it nice and easy to apply. You’ll only need one coat for extreme glitterification! Cheshire is also a thirsty glitter, so use your best “glitter food” topcoat.

Crowstoes are available at Llarowe ($14) and Overall Beauty ($12).
Read more about Crowstoes on Lauri’s blog The Polished Crow.


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