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Gift Haul & Swatches: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer

My parents have just got home from a week in Turkey, and my mom was super nice and brought back these polishes for me! What a pleasant surprise! :D

The brand is Golden Rose, an European brand that sells a wide range of cosmetics. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but they seem to have a lot of different nail polishes according to their web site. The holos and glitters look awesome!

The polishes my mom got is the Paris brand, these are just 3 Euro a piece, so that’s quite affordable.
Let’s check out the swatches!

#71 is a black creme. Two coats.

#53 is a blue shimmer, three coats.

#54 is a camera shy purple shimmer. The first pic is not color accurate, while the second is. Four coats.

And finally, #88, which is a turquoise jelly/creme. It looks blue here, but it’s more greenish in real life. I got a real Chanel Nouvelle Vague-vibe from this one. 6 (!) coats.

The formula on these is pretty much perfect. Not too thick and not too thin, glides on beautifully. Except for the turqouise that needed 6 coats to be opaque, they are nice and easy to work with.  I actually like #88 best, so I guess I have a lot of painting in front of me. ;)

These aren’t very unique, and can easily be replaced with similar colors from other brands. Here are some comparisons with polishes from China Glaze. (I didn’t compare #71 to anything, because a black creme is a black creme is a black creme. You get it.)

Coconut Kiss and Golden Rose Paris #54 are pretty dupey.

Blue Paradise and Golden Rose Paris #53 are similar as well.

The only turquoise-ish CG I have is For Audrey, but Golden Rose Paris #88 doesn’t look like that at all.

How’s that for a surprise!? :D
This definitely got me interested in more of these Golden Rose polishes, I’ll keep an eye out for them from now on.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!
Love, S.


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