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KleanColor Pastel Blue

My second polish from the small KleanColor/BeautyJoint haul is KleanColor Pastel Blue. I have such a weak spot for light blue cremes, so when I saw this, it just had to come along in my shopping cart.

The formula was good, and not as streaky as most pastels. I needed two coats for full coverage, but it needs a topcoat to smooth out all lumps and bumps. It also dries very slowly, even with Seche Vite. I woke up with sheetmarks on two of my nails today, and that usually never happens!

Which colors are your weak spots?

KleanColor Metallic Sapphire

A few weeks ago I was (as so often before) mesmerized by a blog post by Chaosophia of One Inch Nails. This time it was a gorgeous polish called Wild Rose from KleanColor, and it pushed me over the edge to make a small KleanColor haul. I couldn’t get just one polish, of course, so I got three. In addition to Wild Rose, I got Pastel Blue and the polish that I wore for today’s mani, KleanColor Metallic Sapphire.

I did originally get Metallic Sapphire just to use as a stamping polish, but I couldn’t resist wearing it for a full mani just once. And boy, I’m glad I did! This is an intense blue shimmer, deep and very glowy at the same time. I might have to get some more of these KleanColor metallics…

The formula is just perfect, super easy to apply and the brush is great. This polish is opaque in one coat, but I did two anyway (one coat makes my nails feel weird somehow). Some people think KleanColor lacquers smell horrible, but I don’t think the smell was very bad at all.

I ordered these from BeautyJoint, where KleanColors are $1.75 a bottle. Shipping to Norway was $8 for three bottles, and they got here very quickly. I’m very impressed with all the KleanColors I’ve tried, they are high quality and very cheap to boot! I think I need to get some more in the future. What’s your favorite KleanColors?

Purely Amazing Layering Combination!

I’m going to a party tomorrow, so I needed something sufficiently blingy on my nails. I decided go for layering some of my awesomest polishes, why have only one when you can have three? I’m not going to blabber on about this, I’m just going to tell you that this is 2 coats of OPI Let Me Entertain You, 1 coat of Nfu-Oh 51 and 1 coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple. Please click on the pics to embiggen, and enjoy!

In other news, I was lucky enough to be able to place an order for no less than 9 Lynnderella polishes tonight! I think her shop was open for around 1 minute, it’s totally crazy! She’ll be open for business again when she’s sorted through the first orders, though. I see a lot of glitter and bling in my future, I can’t wait!

Kleancolor Golden Nightmare

After the pink and sparkly overdose yesterday, I needed something completely different. Kleancolor Golden Nightmare fits the bill perfectly, with its black base speckled with gold glitter. It may not be a very summery mani, but I love it anyway. I think my nails look incredibly chic!

The formula on this polish is freakin fantastic, it’s a dream to apply (not like a nightmare, lol). Literally no need for cleanup! It’s very pigmented, so if you have short nails, you’ll get away with one coat. I used two coats here. It dries a bit gritty and matte, but is smooth with two coats of topcoat.

I only have one color that’s similar to Golden Nightmare, and that’s China Glaze Wagon Trail. They are just variations on a theme, both have black bases, but while Golden Nightmare has gold glitter, Wagon Trail has gold shimmer.

Instant love with Kleancolor Golden Nightmare! If they’re all this good, I need to get some more. I don’t even mind the foonkay smell…

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

Time for another rainbow in a bottle!

Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple is essentialy the same as the fuchsia version, the only difference is that the jelly base in this one is purple. It’s so sheer that it actually doesn’t matter what the base color is, it won’t change the color of what you’re layering it over anyway. It seems like all of the Chunky Holos have the same glitter, so there’s really no need to get them all. Just get the one you like best and layer it over the color you want it to be.

Here I’ve put 2 coats of Chunky Holo Purple over GOSH Wild Lilac. Multichrooooooome!

This beauty really calls for some bottle pron! My cameras swear up and down that this is blue (filthy little liars), but the base is actually purple.

Amazeballs, or what!?!

Will you be getting any of these Kleancolors?


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