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Lynnderella 50 Shades of May-Be

Despite going through a rough patch, Lynnderella is still going strong. This summer she released a collection called Sweet Somethings For A Summer Solstice, consisting of 14 new glittery beauties. (Well, technically 13 new and one re-release of Connect the Dots.) With a little help from my friends, I managed to snag 7 of the 14 polishes in this collection. As you may know, Lynnderella is now only selling her polishes on eBay, and she doesn’t ship outside USA.

The first polish I tried from SSFASS is Lynnderella 50 Shades of May-Be. Lynnderellas description of this one reads: 50 Shades of May-Be may be like Connect the Dots with less than fifty shades of gray, but these matters are never just black and white. Possible summer reading material? Clear base with silver-white-shimmer.” Whether or not you like the books this one clearly is inspired by, the polish itself is really pretty. Since it has a clear base, I layered it over China Glaze Concrete Catwalk.

Say what you want about Lynnderella, but the formula of her polishes always impresses me. This is one coat of 50 Shades over ChG CC, and I had no problems either getting the glitters out or spreading them on my nails. You can apply this one just like a regular polish, no need for dabbing or fishing.

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? I have to admit I’ve read the entire trilogy. Hey, I had to see what the hype was about, right?

Another week’s hauls!

Last week the rest of my various orders came in, so now I’m properly overwhelmed by indie gorgeousness. Here’s a little picspam of the stuff that appeared in my mailbox.

First we have a couple of Pahlish polishes, Toxic and Timeless and My Oblivion. These are not new, but they weren’t in stock when I placed my last order, so I snagged them when I saw they were available again. And don’t you just love the new label?!

Next up is three bottles from Rainbow Honey‘s Sakura Matsuri collection. I got Koi Pond, Sakura Matsuri and Hanami. I’ve been lemming these for so long, and I was thrilled when the collection finally got back in stock!

All That Glitters recently released a new collection called The Princess Collection, and of course I had to get a few of those. My picks were Kissing On A Frog, Arose From A Sleep and Not A Prize To Be Won.

Finally, I managed to get my hands on Lynnderellas from the newest collection Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice. As you may know, these are now only available on eBay for buyers in the US, but luckily I got a friend to help me “mule” them over here. I got six of these this time, as I’ve snagged Common Sense in a private sale earlier.

The first three are Deep Blue Seeing, When The Moon Was A Star and 50 Shades of May-Be.

And the other three are The Garden of Even, Glass Houses and A Neutral Party.

For shopping and pricing info, check under the “Indie Sellers” header in the sidebar.

Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see swatched!

China Glaze Shower Together with sponged gradient and Lynnderella Thank Blue

Recently I had a great swap with Kesha from Nail Polish Obsession. One of the polishes I got in this swap was an oldie, but goodie, China Glaze Shower Together. This beautiful teal creme was released with the Ecollection for spring 2008. I don’t own anything like it, and I absolutely love it!

Shower Together was nice and easy to apply. The formula is a tiny bit on the runny side, but nothing bad. It looks kinda jelly-ish on the first coat, but it’s creamy and opaque in two regular coats.

I can never leave a creme mani alone, so I decided to try a sponged gradient à la The Nailasaurus. I don’t have any pictures of this, because I suck, but check out Sammy’s awesome tutorial for how to do it. This method creates a smoother, more airbrushed gradient look compared to the sponging technique I’ve showed you earlier. I used China Glaze Calypso Blue for the blue tips here.

So finally, I just had to futz with this mani a little more. (Is it just me, or do you guys too feel like you need three components to a “nail art” mani?) I added a coat of Lynnderella Thank Blue!, a turquoise glitterbomb from the Funny Money collection. I’m totally and utterly in love with how this looks, and my head is spinning with the possibilities of other gradient/glitter combos!

How do you like this combination? What other pairings would you love to see? Check out my spreadsheet (click “Stash” in the header of the blog) and let me know in the comments if you have any ideas!

Two Lynnderellas from the Lovely is as Lovely Does collection

Hi! Long time no see again, but now I’ve finally started my summer vacation, so hopefully that leaves me with plenty of time to play with nail polish.

Today I have a couple of Lynnderellas from this winter’s “Lovely is as Lovely Does” collection. There’s been a lot of ruckus surrounding Lynnderella lately, and I don’t want to get into that whole can of worms, so let’s just talk about the polish, shall we?

First we have Sweets to the Sweet, described by Lynnderella as “translucent white multi-sized hexagons and squares, with scattered yellow, red, purple, turquoise, lime and emerald squares and hexagons in a shimmering translucent white sparkling base. There are also small iridescent green hexagons to sweeten the mix”. Unfortunately, it seems like some of the glitter in this polish is bleeding, causing the white base to turn a slight pinkish hue.

This is two coats of STTS over OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu.

The other one I have for you today is Boy-Girl Party, which is “a mixture of red, fuschia, pink, blue, turquoise and royal multi-sized hexagons, squares and diamonds in a transparent pink base”. There’s been reports of bleeding glitter with this one as well, but I can’t tell if my bottle has any fading glitters or not.

This is one coat of BGP over two coats of Revlon Desire.

Both of these were easy to apply, and the glitter is very dense and spreads easily and evenly over the nail. They are sheer, so you’ll need to layer them over a corresponding (or contrasting) base color.

Now, Lynnderellas are no longer available at Llarowe, instead Lynn will now be selling them herself through eBay. Unfortunately, that means no international shipping and a much higher price tag (they will now be $20 a bottle). Lynnderella has started updating her blog again, and there you’ll find information on where to buy, and also pictures of her new collection “Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice”.

What do you think of this whole situation? All I can say is that I keep my fingers crossed that Lynnderellas will be easily available for everyone again.

Lynnderella Forget You Not

Today I have a polish from Lynnderella’s Lovely Is As Lovely Does collection. This one is called Lynnderella Forget You Not, and it has multi-sized periwinkle hexagons, pink sparks, blue sparks and cornflower-pink shimmer in a sheer blue base. Because of the sheer base, I layered it over H&M Peppermint Fusion, which is also a periwinkle with blue shimmer.

I wasn’t convinced that I loved this one at first sight, but after wearing it for a day, it grew on me. The glitters make my nails look like they are made out of periwinkle-colored hammered copper. This is beautiful in the sun, but I think it looks even better in the shade!

The formula is great, I had no problems “catching” the glitter, and it spreads evenly and easily on the nail. I’ve used two coats of H&M Peppermint Fusion and two coats of Lynnderella Forget You Not for this mani. Two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite made this smooth on the first day, but you might want to reapply a topcoat after a day or two since the glitter kinda absorbs topcoat and gets a little bumpy again.

Lynnderella polishes are sold at Llarowe, visit her site or Facebook for updates on ordering and availability.


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