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Happy New Year with Greta!

That’s it, 2011 is almost over, hopefully 2012 will bring us all happiness, prosperity, sparkles and more awesome polishes!

New Year’s Eve calls for heavy duty glitz and glamour, and what could be better than the most rainbowy linear holo of them all? Make Up Store Greta is one of the first polishes I ever wrote about on my blog, but this is so pretty that it deserves some better pics. This is the best silver holo in the world, in my opinion, I’ve never seen a stronger holographic effect. These pics are shot under artificial light, can you imagine how it will look in the sunlight?

The formula is standard holo fare, in other words very finicky. I suggest using a base coat like MUS Aqua Fix, Nfu-Oh Aqua Base or GOSH Fix Base Coat, and leave the top coat, because it kills the holo effect. I’ve used three coats here, no base or topcoat.

Greta and her holographic sisters Siw, Britta and Madeleine are available in Make Up Stores, the price is NOK 130 a bottle.

I hope you’ve had a great year in 2011, and thank you so much for still hanging around with me in here. I hope you’ll stick around in 2012 as well!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Make Up Store Britta

As we got a sliver of sun today, what could be better than putting on a holo? And not any kind of holo either, just the most amazingly holographic of holos EVER! Make Up Store Britta is definitely the holoest of all the holos I’ve ever tried, next to her sisters Greta and Siw. Light pink, linear ultra-holo! Talk is cheap, look at the pics instead!

Soooo blingy!

The formula is typical linear holo fare, so either skip the basecoat or use a holo friendly basecoat like MUS Aqua Fix, GOSH Fix Base Coat or Nfu-Oh Aqua Base. I didn’t use a base coat for this swatch, and I used two coats for full coverage.

Make Up Store holographics can be bought at Make Up Store, and the price is NOK 130,- a bottle. For you US gals, I know that people have been calling the Make Up Store in Denver to order polishes, and from what I’ve heard, their customer service is very good.

Make Up Store Siw

Some of you may remember that I mentioned buying some Helmers a couple of weeks ago. Our nearest IKEA is in a town called Trondheim, which is about 2, 5 hours drive from here. Of course, we couldn’t drive all that way and not check out some other stores? So I quickly stopped by Make Up Store and picked up this awesome beauty, Make Up Store Siw.

Siw is a gorgeous baby blue holo, in the same family as Greta (I really have to swatch this again, wow, those pics are awful). Holy cow, is this ever HOLO! It’s one of the coolest holo polishes I’ve ever seen! It looks a little boring, matte and muted when it’s not in the light, but it’s still cute and pretty. But in direct light it just goes BAM and there’s a huge rainbow on your nails! I don’t have any other light blue holos, but from the pictures I’ve seen online, this looks like a lighter version of China Glaze DV8.

I would recommend you don’t wear a topcoat with this one, because it really diffuses the holo effect significantly. I guess I can live with a chippy polish as long as I have that awesome rainbow for a day. ;)

The formula is good, it’s thin, but not runny. It’s a bit tricky to apply, though, because you can’t go over the same spot twice without getting bald spots. That’s not a big problem, it all smooths out with a second or third coat. I’m wearing three coats, but it’s actually opaque after two. And I have to say, I just love the brush in these polishes! It’s a little bit stiffer than most  brushes, and I think it gives me much more control when I’m applying the polish.

Big love for this one! I just regret I didn’t get the last two colors as well. ;)
Make Up Store has a wide range of polishes in different colors and finishes, and the holos come in four colors: Greta (silver), Siw (blue), Britt (pink) and Madeleine (beige).

Thanks for looking! Have a nice day. :)
Love, S.

Matte Lava

Hi, everybody, I’m back! I’ve had a lovely autumn vacation in Norway, it was so nice to see my family and friends again (and the cat!).

Back in Qatar, I had no less than three bottles of Essie Matte About You waiting for me in the mail. I’m so excited, I want to matteify everything! I particularly love the way glitters look matte, so I have a lot of stuff to play with now.

For this mani I used Misa A Sin Worth Committing and Make Up Store Lava with a coat of Essie MAY. Looooove!

Please disregard my gnarly cuticles, I’ve been a bad girl and chewed on them.
Also, my index finger nail is so short because it suddenly just fell off while I was sleeping!

Enough with the excuses, on with the pics!

I barely got a sunlight shot, as the sun was setting the minute I finished my mani:

And shade:
misalavamatte shade

Isn’t this just the coolest thing ever?! :D

Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

NOTD: Isadora Gladiolus and Make Up Store Lava

Today I wanted to try one of the polishes I never use, and see if I could make it work somehow. I found this oldie, Isadora Gladiolus, a wine colored purple shimmer. I think I bought it like 8 years ago, and I really don’t know why. Most of my old polishes are dark and wine-y, so I guess that were my favorites back then.

To give it a bit more oomph, I layered it with Make Up Store Lava. Lava is a multicolored flakie, and it’s so beautiful! I was so happy when I got my hands on this one, because it’s now discontinued. I got the very last one in the store, thanks to a good friend who sent it to me.

I think flakies can save almost any drab polish. Just look at these fireworks! It kinda looks like a vampier version of Nfu-Oh #51, my favorite polish ever. Literally every color of the rainbow is present, and I’m twisting and turning my hands every which way to admire the colors.

I used Sally Hansen Insta-Brite as base coat, two coats of Gladiolus, one coat of Lava and one coat of OPI Top Coat. I finished it off with OPI Drip Dry. The formula of Gladiolus was a bit on the thick side, but that’s probably because it’s so old. Easily fixed with a bit of thinner I guess.




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