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More random spam!

Hi there, remember me? Long time, no see! I know, I know, life is busy, blah blah, but you don’t want to hear about me whining, let’s look at some pretty polish instead!

It’s time for another random spam post, where I swatch polishes that I for some reason haven’t gotten around to showing you yet. While taking pictures of these lacquers, I kinda realized why, it’s because they are impossible to capture on camera! I hope you can bear over with me, while this post is essentialy useless, I’ll at least try to explain what they really look like!

I have three polishes for you today, they are Marks & Spencer Nail Colour Plastic Pink, Studio M Thunderbolt and Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Violet. Check them out!

Marks & Spencer Nail Colour Plastic Pink

Plastic Pink is more of a coral than a pink, and it has a nice, squishy jelly finish. The color in these pics is fairly accurate. It’s easy to apply, and I’ve used 3 coats.

Studio M Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is a purple neon jelly, and these pics are not accurate at all! Neons are known to freak out cameras, and this is so bright and intense that my camera essentialy crapped its pants. The color is deeper and brighter in real life. This polish has an excellent formula, it dries to a matte finish of its own, so I used a topcoat for this swatch. 3 coats.

Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Violet

Another photo fail, Bleu Violet is a perfect “blurple” or indigo creme/jelly, and of course it looks only blue in my pics. I’ve had this bottle for two years, I think, so I don’t know if it’s thickened with age or if the formula is this tricky to begin with. The polish is very sticky, and even if I thinned it, the second coat dragged the first one resulting in bald spots here and there. 2 coats.

Please don’t shoot me for being such a lousy photographer, I’ll try to do better next time! Promise!

Marks & Spencer Jewel Minis

The Jewel Collection concludes Marks & Spencer Week!

This set has four jewel-y colors, which I love. There’s two cremes and two shimmers. All of them are opaque in two coats (the fuchsia might have needed another coat, though), and the formula is just as great as the other collections.

First we have a deep fuchsia creme (sorry about the awful application, it’s totally my own fault for polishing in the wind!):

Looking through the pink part of my collection, I thought maybe Illamasqua Grab and China Glaze Fly would be close to this color.

Which I’ve now proven they’re not. This jewel is darker than the two. Here we have the Jewel fuchsia on index and little finger, Grab on the middle and Fly on the ring finger. (Yes, I know Fly has shimmer, but I just wanted to compare the colors.)

Onwards! Here’s a totally unique flower in my stash, it’s a darkĀ  turquoise/teal shimmer. Totally awesome! It looks a lot more blue in this pic than in real life.

The third “jewel” is a deep, dark, royal blue shimmer. Gorgeous!

I love these kinds of blue shimmers, and my favorite is Misa A Sin Worth Committing. So of course I had to compare them.

Here I have the jewel on index and ring and Misa on middle and little. The jewel is darker than the Misa, otherwise they are quite similar.

Last, but not least, is this dark purple creme:

A dupe for Gosh Deep Purple, you say?

Why, yes, it is! I can’t even tell the difference in this pic, but I think it’s jewel purple on index and ring and Gosh on middle and little. Total dupe!


I hope you enjoyed this theme week!

I’d love to know if you’re interested in other theme weeks as well, I’m thinking about doing an OPI week, a nailstation week or a claire’s week. Please shout out if you have any preferences. :)

Thanks for stopping by, have a nice weekend! :D

Marks & Spencer Pastel Minis

Marks & Spencer Week continues with this awesome pastel set! It has four pastel cremes in pink, purple, blue and green. I don’t have any dupes for these, so just swatches this time. :)

The formula is great, glides on nice and creamy. I’ve used three coats, and still have the slightest hint of VNL if I look really hard. Nothing too awful, though.

On to the pics! First we have this super cute soft pink:

The second is a beautiful purple or lilac:

How cute is this robin’s egg blue?

And lastly, this minty pastel green:

And just because I couldn’t resist, here’s a skittle mani and bottle shot. :D

I love this collection, it will be great for spring! :D
Hope you enjoyed these swatches, too. Have a nice day!

Marks & Spencer Spice Minis Part 2

Here’s the second half of the M&S Spice mini set.

Seen this hot pink before? That’s because it’s actually Shocking Pink, which I’ve shown you earlier.

The last of these minis is this raspberry pink/red. It looks a lot like the first polish (Dark Magenta), so I don’t know why they put these two in the same collection. Anyway, it’s really cute.

These two were also opaque in two coats.

All in all I’m not all that impressed with the set, if I’d known that two of the polishes in it were colors I already own, I would never have picked it up. I’m disappointed there were no kind of labeling of the colors, that way it would have been easier to know. On the other side, it’s a nice way to try out some of the colors if you don’t want to get the big bottles. I also dislike that two of the polishes were so dupe-y, how about a nice, dark green or a bright red?

Ok, one down, two to go! Stay tuned for the Jewel and Pastel sets! :D

Marks & Spencer Spice Minis Part 1

Today I bring you the first half of the Spice Mini Collection from Marks & Spencer.

This set contains four mini (5 ml?) bottles of polish. They are all cremes, and they have earthy and “spicy” colors. The application is great, I’m wearing two coats in every pic.

I figured out during swatches that these are mini bottles of the “nail colour” brand, as you’ll see. They are not named, not even with numbers, so that’s a bit weird. They could have the name according to the larger bottles.

First out today is this cherry-color:

Checking out my stash, I found these colors that I thought would be dupes for this: Nail Colour Dark Magenta and Sephora Stormy Pink.

Well, as it turns out, this polish is Dark Magenta! I’m wearing the Spice polish on my index and ring, DM on the middle and Stormy Pink on my little finger. As you can see, SP is darker and not a dupe at all.

The next polish from this collection is a dark, brownish orange. Totally nothing I would choose if it wasn’t part of this set, but I actually kinda like it when it’s on. I don’t have any polishes similar to this in my stash.

That’s all for today, part 2 tomorrow! :D
Have a nice day!


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