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The ABCs: G for Give Me The Chills

Here’s a little weirdo I found over at A Beautiful Secret, Maybelline Colorama Give Me The Chills. It’s a sheer topcoat with loads of super fine iridescent bar glitter which creates a subtle, color changing effect on the nails. A little too subtle sometimes, perhaps. The glitter is so fine that it’s almost invisble, but maybe that’s exactly what you need every now and then?
Here I’ve used two coats of GMTC over OPI Too Hot Pink To Hold ‘Em.

The formula is quite good, but since it’s a topcoat, that’s not really super important anyway. What do you think of this strange little fella?

Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays

I’m on such a glitter and flakie kick these days, and when I remembered that I had an untried flakie in my drawer, naturally I had to put it on. I got Maybelline Colorama Ruby Rays as an extra in one of my most awesome swaps ever, can you believe it?! This is a coraly-red jelly with small flakes that change throughout the entire spectre of the rainbow. The flakes are smaller than Nfu-Ohs, and a little bit more sparse. Because of the sheer base, I layered this over black for maximum awesomeness.

The formula is sheer, but it does say “top coat” on the bottle, so it’s supposed to be layered. Two easy coats give a nice sprinkling of flakes on the black.

Now, I’m sorry to say that this is difficult to find, but maybe you too will get lucky and find a kind swapmate with an extra bottle… If you’re looking for something similar, Nfu-Ohs are easier to find either at FabulouStreet or Viis Ilusalong.


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