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NYC Starry Silver Glitter and Finger Paints Vintage Violet

Piu Mosso wasn’t the only thing I won in the giveaway, there were also two other beautiful polishes (plus yummy candy which I ate immediately, ahem). One was a glitter topcoat, while the other was a beautiful purple shimmer. Both were from brands I’ve never tried before, so I was very exited!

The first one is called NYC Starry Silver Glitter, and it has small silver holographic glitter and bigger pink and blue glitter in a clear base. I tried a few different layering combos with this before I found one that I really loved, and which brought out both the pink and blue glitters. This is one coat of SSG over my beloved OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu.

The formula was good, although the bigger glitters are a little shy. I got a nice distribution with a little dabbing and fishing, though.

The third polish I recieved, is Finger Paints Vintage Violet. This one takes me back to when I first got interested in nail polish back in 2009, when the China Glaze Rodeo Diva and Retro Diva collections were popular. I loved those shimmers, but lately they’ve kinda been pushed back in favor of glitters. This one reminds me why I used to love shimmers so much, though, it has that wonderful lit from whitin quality. My pictures of this leans too blue, it’s actually a lot more pinkish in real life.

This one was quite thin, but manageable. It’s also very sheer, so I needed three coats for full coverage. It reminds me very much of another China Glaze, Coconut Kiss.

So there you have it, a super generous random act of kindness that really warmed my heart!


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