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NYX Ink & Milani Gems Jelly Sandwich

Before I was never that keen on either jellies or multicolored, chunky glitters, but after learning about jelly sandwiches, I’m craving both! (As I need any more reasons to buy nail polish!)

I have to admit I bought NYX Ink and Milani Gems just because I got this idea for a jelly sandwich, and I couldn’t rest before I tried them both together. And I have to say, they make a really good couple. Ink is a gorgeous, juicy navy blue jelly. Gems is one of the countless dupes for Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, with hex glitter in multiple sizes and colors. I’m not to keen on it alone, but it looks great in a jelly sandwich! This combination reminds me of another Lippmann, Across The Universe, so if you never got your hands on that one, this could be an affordable substitute.

Yum, juicy!
Ink is very easy to apply, and if you were to wear it alone, two to three coats would be enough, depending on how opaque you’d like it. Gems goes on smoothly, too, and I used one generous coat for this mani. The whole thing is two coats Ink, one coat Gems followed by a coat of Ink on top.

I got both of these polishes from Cherry Culture, the NYX are $3.60 a bottle and the Milanis are $3.99 a bottle.

NYX Yuppies

And now for something completely different! From vibrant peachy neon to neutral, boring beige. I’m going back to work tonight, so I need something “invisible”, and this polish is certainly up for that task. (I’m not even supposed to wear nailpolish at work, but I hope this one can slide.) NYX Yuppies is a beige/nude/neutral creme, and I can’t say it even excites me nor disgusts me. It’s just there.
The only thing is that I think it looks a bit too yellow for my skin tone, so I think I’ll put a few drops of pink in it to make it match my tips.

The formula is good, I didn’t have any application problems. This is three coats, and I can still see some VNL, but I don’t think it matters. It just makes it look a bit more natural.

Can’t wait for the weekend to wear some of my bright polishes! :D At least Yuppies is safe for work. No heart attacks waiting to happen with this one. ;)

Have a nice day, everyone! Wish me luck!
Love, S.


I thought NYX Sue looked really cute in the bottle, but I’m not too crazy about it on the nail. It’s a pink shimmer/gold/peach duochrome, quite stunning in theory, right? I just don’t like how it looks on me. Yes, it has a wonderful gold flash in the sunlight, but indoors it kinda looks like a flat peach, and I’m not too fond of peach shimmers.

Take a look!

Another thing I dislike about this polish, is the sheerness. I used four coats for this mani, and I still have visible nail line. Do not want! Other than that, the formula is great. Glides on beautifully and all that. Just too bad I don’t like anything else about it. ;)

Better luck next time!
Love, S.

NYX Vamp

Last week I picked up this little gem, NYX Vamp. It’s a deep, dark burgundy shimmer, so gorgeous! It definitely has a va-va-voom quality, it’s really sexy! The shimmer really reminds me of China Glaze’s Retro Diva and Rodeo Diva collections.

The formula is good, although not as intuitive as OPI’s or Illamasqua’s, but it does the trick without too much fuss. Three coats and you’re good to go. If you need a vampy, sexy, classic wine red shimmer, this one is totally worth it.

Thanks for stopping by!
Love, S.

Unknown NYX glitter polish

I’m notorious. I always buy polishes when I see something pretty, and then I proceed to put them in my drawer and forget about them. I made a promise to myself to actually use these polishes, so here we go.

This NYX polish has no label, so I don’t know if it has a name or if the sticker has fallen off. The only thing I can see, is “01” kinda raised out of the glass of the bottle. If anyone knows what this one is called, please let me know.

This polish surprised me. I picked it up because I thought it was a light pink with gold and blue glitter, but when I put it on, I realized that the glitter actually changes color! I don’t know what this effect is called, but it’s the same as in the Nfu-Oh flakies. The color changes through the whole spectre depending on the angle of the nail, really cool! You can see it on my middle finger in the sunlight pic. I’ve layered this over yesterday’s mani, because it’s too sheer on its own.

I put two coats over the M&S polish. Formula is as with most glitters, very thick and moppy. It doesn’t matter too much, as I’ll only use this for layering anyway. That’s what fast drying top coat is for! :D

One down, god knows how many to go. Please remind me if I don’t post any of these in a while, I have to try them all! ;)

See ya later, have a nice day! :D


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