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Picture Polish White Wedding

This summer Picture Polish released a collection of sorts where they worked with certain bloggers and sellers of PP products to create their dream shades of nail polish. The result was the Collaboration Shades, 7 gorgeous polishes created by the creative minds of nail polish lovers all around the world.

When I saw the swatches of Llarowe’s collaboration shade, Picture Polish White Wedding, I fell for it right away. This is a semi-sheer white with lots of fine iridescent shimmer, it reminds me of moonlight reflected in fresh snow. Very sweet and delicate.

White Wedding was rather ok to apply, or at least better than I had feared. The consistency is right on, but it’s quite sheer and can be a bit uneven on the first coat(s). I did three thin coats, with a light hand, and a fourth thicker coat which evened out everything brilliantly.

Picture Polish White Wedding is available at Llarowe (USD 14.50) and Picture Polish (AUD 11.50)


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