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Sation Holiday Spirit

This goes to show you don’t have to be OPI or China Glaze to create awesome glitters. Super sparkly holographic glitter for $1.39? Yes, please! :D

I picked up Sation Holiday Spirit in an online haul, but I’ve never used it because I think it’s such a hassle having to layer polishes. I won’t mind from now on, though! This polish has lots and lots of silver holographic glitter in a very sheer, light grey jelly base. I’ve layered it over a black creme. In the shade, it looks like television static, but when the sunlight hits it – oh boy! Fireworks!

Here’s a really unfocused pic, as the rainbow effect won’t show up in focused pics:

Gorgeous, isn’t it? :D

The formula, as with most glitters, is quite moppy. I don’t mind, though. These pics are two coats of Holiday Spirit over black, finished with a thick coat of Posh√©.

I’m so happy to find treasures like these! What less-known or cheap surprises have you found? :)
You can  buy this and other Sation polishes at Trans Design Inc. (Link in my sidebar.)

See you later, have a nice day! :D


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