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Sephora Modern

I can’t just walk into a store that sells nailpolish and not buy a nailpolish or two (or ten), even though I went in there to buy other stuff. So the last time I was at Sephora (to buy mascara and foundation), I couldn’t resist throwing in one of these cuties. (They were right there on the counter, how could I not!?)

Sephora Modern (I think that’s the name of the color, I don’t have any other Sephora minis to compare) is blurple with blue and pink microshimmer. I can’t decide if it’s blue or purple, but it looks more dark blue in sun- and daylight, so I’m sticking with that. It’s a gorgeous color, not exactly unique, but I love these vampy polishes with a twist. The shimmer only shows up in bright sunlight, so it almost looks like a creme in low light.

The formula is quite thick and gloopy, but it’s not hard to apply. It’s opaque in two coats.

Are you strong enough to resist impulse buying pretty polishes, or do you have a will of steel? ;)

Have a nice day! :D

Sephora Stormy Pink

Happy monday everyone! :D
Hope you’ve had a great weekend and that the week will be nice. :)

To start off the week, I’m wearing Sephora Stormy Pink. It’s a dark, dusty pink creme. Some might think it’s boring and old lady-ish, but I think it’s beautiful, sophisticated and very wearable.

The formula on this one is sooooo gooood! It’s just as good as the other Sephora I have, too bad they don’t have a lot of exciting colors in this brand, or else I would have bought hundreds of them. Do you hear me, Sephora!?
I’m wearing two coats in these pics.

Do you have any Sephoras? If so, what do you think of them? :)

Sephora Brownie

Check this beauty out! This is Sephora Brownie, a dark, dark brown creme. It reminds me of espresso.
In low light it looks almost black, but in sunlight it really shows its gorgeous self. Don’t you just want to eat it? :D

In sunlight and shade:

The formula on this one is the best I’ve ever tried! It’s not too thick, and not to runny. It just goes wherever you want with no problems at all! I didn’t even need to do any cleanup. Two coats is perfection.

So do you like it as much as I? ;)


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