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The ABCs: U for Use Protection

Today we have Spoiled Use Protection, which has glitter of different sizes and colors (even holographic) in a sheer teal base. Because of the sheerness, I decided to layer it over Zoya Charla, and these are truly a match made in heaven! Charla is sparkly in and of itself, but with Use Protection on top, it’s a veritable sparklefest!

The formula on this one is like the other Spoiled polishes I’ve tried, thick and goopy. The less I say about the horrible brush by now, the better. Nevertheless, it went fairly easy applying one coat of Use Protection over Charla. It will need a little extra topcoat, so I used two coats of Seche Vite, and it’s smooth.

Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild laqcuers can be bought at CVS.


The ABCs: P for Pet My Peacock

Today’s letter is P, and it’s represented by Spoiled Pet My Peacock. This is another one of the Spoiled polishes that Karen helped me get. Pet My Peacock has silver, gold, green, teal and purple hex glitters in a clear base, and it’s very sheer, so it needs to be layered. I chose China Glaze Lemon Fizz as undies for this one, I think I’ve been craving yellow polishes because Easter is coming up! I love this combo, PMP looks like fun and happy confetti or polka dots over the light yellow base. Perfect for Easter!

Applying this polish is not fun! The brush is so big and moppy, it’s like trying to apply polish with a spoon. The glitters are also very sparse, but the base is thick, so it builds a lot on the nail. I’ve used two coats for this mani. On the good side, the glitters aren’t that chunky, so just one coat of Seche Vite makes it reasonably smooth.

Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild lacquers can beĀ  bought at CVS, the price is $1.99 a bottle.

Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild Jewelry Heist

I admit it, I’m a shameless thief and copycat. When I saw this post over at I Drink Nail Polish, my eyes almost fell out of my head and I knew I had to have Spoiled Jewelry Heist so I could recreate this gorgeous mani. (I’m not saying my hands and nails are nearly as beautiful as hers, but at least I could copy the color combination!) I hope you can forgive me for this blatant stealing, but imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

Spoiled by Wet ‘n’ Wild is a nail polish line that’s sold exclusively in a drug store chain called CVS in USA, so naturally it isn’t the easiest to buy for people living over here. Luckily, the lovely Karen from Frazzle and Aniploish was kind enough to pick it up for me (along with a few friends, of course), and last week they appeared in my mailbox. Thank you, Karen! <3

So, on to the manicure! Jewelry Heist is a gorgeous glitter polish that has small, iridescent glitter as well as big rose gold and golden hex glitter in a clear base. I didn’t even want to try to get this opaque, I consider this a top coat rather than a polish to wear on its own, so I layered it over China Glaze Agent Lavender.

Now, there’s also a second reason why I consider this nearly impossible to wear on its own, and that’s the horrible formula and brush. The polish itself is thick and gluey, and the brush is a huge mop. I’m not kidding, this is a monster. I had to be very careful when applying the glitter, and a sort of dabbing technique was the best to get an even coverage of glitter on the nails. Luckily, this is a stunner, so I’m willing to forgive the nasty brush and formula. Maybe.

Spoiled nail polish is, as I said, sold in CVS, and the price is $1.99 a bottle. For us international gals, our best bet is getting an overseas friend to help us, so get ready to bat those lashes, girls! ;)


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