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The ABCs: D for Dear Hearts and Deep Violet

Today is D-day, and it’s a 2-for-one! Come check out my double Ds! Ok, I’ll stop with the puns, I just couldn’t help it. ;)

I’ve been swatching All That Glitters Dear Hearts over all kinds of colors on nail wheels trying to figure out which one to layer it over, but I didn’t find the perfect match until Verity Deep Violet showed up in my mailbox. These two are a match made in heaven, so I was really relieved when Deep Violet got here just in time for my D-manicure. A big thanks to the lovely Noelie, who helped me get my hands on this beauty!

Dear Hearts is a handmade polish with pink glitter and shimmer and also pink, red and lavender heartshaped glitter in a sheer pink base. Deep Violet is a lovely dark purple jelly. Here’s how they look together.

Deep Violet is simply a dream to apply, it’s neither too thick nor too thin and it levels out beautifully. I used two coats here, but if I were to wear it on its own, I would probably have used three.

Dear Hearts is a bit trickier, because the hearts are not easy to get hold of. But with some fishing, I got a reasonable amount of hearts spread across my nails.

Verity lacquers can be bought at eBay for $3 a bottle, but please be aware that the international shipping is very expensive! If you can, get a friend overseas to forward them for you.
All That Glitters polishes are available at Etsy, at $8 a bottle. Dear Hearts was a Valentine’s special edition, so it’s only available as long as supplies last!


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