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The ABCs: Z for Zoya & Zebra

Finally, here’s the last post in my ABC series! I kinda effed up a bit in my Variety Pack post, because I was originally going to post Sinful Colors Zeus for the letter Z, but somehow I threw it in with the random spam. So I had to figure out something else for today’s post, and I ended up with zebra stamping over a Zoya polish.

This is Zoya Cynthia, a dark teal creme stamped with zebra image from BM-223 and China Glaze Adore. I’ve used two coats of Cynthia, and it’s nice and smooth and easy to apply.

This concludes my ABC series, I hope you enjoyed it! I had fun doing this, but I really look forward to using whichever polish I fancy from now on. ;)

The ABCs: S for Sara

I rarely wear red polish, but I always love them when I do. Red nails are classic for a reason, you know! I was happy when I saw that I had an untried red polish starting with the letter S, namely Zoya Sara from the Fire and Ice collection.

Sara is a real stunner, packed with lots and lots of glassfleck glitter that makes it look like it glows from within. It’s a very raspberry-leaning red, almost looking pink at certain angles. I figured out why, it’s because the glassflecks actually change from gold to pink! You can tell from the bottle in these pictures, see how the glitter is golden at the top of the bottle, but flashes magenta at the bottom? Gorgeous!

Please excuse the vampirish skintone in these pics, I just got my hands on a macro lens for my Nikon D90, and I haven’t completely figured out how to adjust the white balance and everything else perfectly yet.

Sara is a dream to apply, the polish glides on very effortlessly. You could probably get away with one thickish coat of this one, but I did two thinner coats to make the color deeper and more saturated.

I got this from Nailetc, where it’s still available for $8. (It’s listed as Sarah, though, my bottle says Sara. Scrangie mentioned the same difference between bottle name and Zoya spoon name in her post about this collection.)

The ABCs: J for Jules

The letter J is represented by Zoya Jules from the 2011 Intimate collection. It’s a beige lacquer filled with specks of gold, and you all know what a sucker I am for gold shimmers, don’t you? Jules is a very nice “neutral with something extra”. It doesn’t make me wild, but for those times when you can’t wear a glittervampyholoduobomb, this is a very stylish and chic work-safe polish.

The formula is excellent, and it’s opaque in two coats. It did take a long time to be completely dry, but Zoyas don’t play all that well with Seche Vite, so I don’t think it’s Jules’ fault entirely.

I got this polish from Nailetc, it’s still available there and the price is $8.

The ABCs: E for Edyta

Today’s polish is Zoya Edyta, which is from the Wicked collection for fall 2010. It’s one of those shimmery, sparkly, glittery types of finish that Zoya does so well, and the color is a mossy forest green with flecks of gold and metallic. I really don’t have much more to say about this polish right now. It’s not a very spring-like color (it is from a fall collection, after all), so I’ll rather save this for autumn. Right now I’m craving sunshine both outside and on my nails! Edyta is a very pretty lady, though!

The formula is excellent, I needed two coats for opacity, and they flowed right on the nail with no problems. Just keep in mind that this polish stains both your nails and your skin, so take some precautions during removal!

I’ve bought my Zoyas from Nailetc, where the price is $8 a bottle.

Zoya Valerie & Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire

As you might remember, the Lynnderellas need to find their perfect underwear to shine (much like women in general, actually). These two are match made in heaven, Zoya Valerie and Lynnderella Very Pretty Vampire look like they’re made for eachother!

Let’s take a look at Valerie first. This is a beautiful purple with pink and gold sparkles from the 2010 Fire and Ice collection. Can I just say wow?! This is super pretty on its own, and it’s very easy to apply. I only needed one coat for this mani, but I think I would have added a second coat if I were to wear it on its own.

Now to Lynnderella’s Very Pretty Vampire. Lynnderella describes this one as multiple sizes of burgundy hexagons and squares in a dark blood-red base with scattered black and red multi-sized accents. It’s a gorgeous vampy glitter, and in my opinion it blows Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers out of the water! This is two coats over Valerie, and I’ve really fed it with topcoat, because it’s hongray! Three coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.

I’ve bought the Zoya from Nail etc., where the price is $8 a bottle. I’m sure you all know where to get Lynnderellas by now, but just to refresh your memory: these can be bought at Lynnderella’s blog whenever she opens her store (US shipping only, please follow the ordering instructions as stated on the page), or at Llarowe with international shipping starting in December. I don’t know the exact pricing at Llarowe yet, but I’ve heard that they will be $14 or $15 a bottle.


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