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More random spam!

Hi there, remember me? Long time, no see! I know, I know, life is busy, blah blah, but you don’t want to hear about me whining, let’s look at some pretty polish instead!

It’s time for another random spam post, where I swatch polishes that I for some reason haven’t gotten around to showing you yet. While taking pictures of these lacquers, I kinda realized why, it’s because they are impossible to capture on camera! I hope you can bear over with me, while this post is essentialy useless, I’ll at least try to explain what they really look like!

I have three polishes for you today, they are Marks & Spencer Nail Colour Plastic Pink, Studio M Thunderbolt and Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Violet. Check them out!

Marks & Spencer Nail Colour Plastic Pink

Plastic Pink is more of a coral than a pink, and it has a nice, squishy jelly finish. The color in these pics is fairly accurate. It’s easy to apply, and I’ve used 3 coats.

Studio M Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt is a purple neon jelly, and these pics are not accurate at all! Neons are known to freak out cameras, and this is so bright and intense that my camera essentialy crapped its pants. The color is deeper and brighter in real life. This polish has an excellent formula, it dries to a matte finish of its own, so I used a topcoat for this swatch. 3 coats.

Bourjois So Laque! Bleu Violet

Another photo fail, Bleu Violet is a perfect “blurple” or indigo creme/jelly, and of course it looks only blue in my pics. I’ve had this bottle for two years, I think, so I don’t know if it’s thickened with age or if the formula is this tricky to begin with. The polish is very sticky, and even if I thinned it, the second coat dragged the first one resulting in bald spots here and there. 2 coats.

Please don’t shoot me for being such a lousy photographer, I’ll try to do better next time! Promise!

Bourjois 1 Seconde #24

I’ve been waiting for the sun to come out so I can swatch, but it seems like summer never wants to come to our part of Norway this year. Now it’s been raining almost non stop for nearly a week, and I can’t take it any more. I have to polish, so you just have to bear with my indoors pics. :)

I also filed my nails into nubs, for a few reasons. Mainly because I broke a nail, and I wanted to even things out. Secondly because my nails have been really flaky lately, and I think that’s why my polish chips the next day or sooner. Hopefully they won’t chip as soon now that I’ve filed and buffed them. And last, but not least, it’s really impractical to have long (or “long”) nails at work. I was always afraid of scratching people up (involuntarily, I don’t have sudden fits of rage where I claw people’s eyes out or something), and I was constantly nervous of breaking my nails. ;)

Well! That was a big wall of text just to explain why I have short, vampy nails today! Because I thought with the autumnal weather and my nubbins, Bourjois 1 Seconde #24 would fit perfectly.

This is a deep, mossy, foresty green with purple shimmer! How awesome is that? Although the purple flash is really subtle, it’s pretty cool when you catch a glimpse of it. It gives the polish a nice dimension. It’s not easy to see, but you can kinda make it out if you enlarge the lamplight pic. (Sorry about the horrible cuticles, euuugh!)

The formula is nice, although maybe a little bit on the thick side. The brush is really, really wide, so if you have narrow nails, you’ll have a problem. I had to do some cleanup on this one, even though I was really careful while painting.

I really like this color, because it reminds me of my favorite dark green shimmer, China Glaze Gussied Up Green. Here’s a bottle comparison pic.

Could you please send some good weather vibes up here, I really want sun and summer now! I want to swatch the Depend summer collection (or at least my favorites from the collection), but I want the sunlight for it! What’s a summer collection without sunlight, anyway!?

Well, have a nice day everyone, thanks for popping in. :D
Love, S.

Bourjois Club à Miami #34

Isn’t it great when you find undiscovered, little gems in your collection? This one was last seen over a pink polish, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t really blown away. So I guess I forgot about it until I decided to spruce up my latest mani (not that Midnight In Moscow needs any sprucing up,  but anyway). Hello gorgeous!

It turns out that Bourjois Club à Miami #34 is a stunning gold shimmer with gold glitter and tiny gold flakies! Yummy! It doesn’t show up over lighter colors, but over this dark polish, it really stands out. This layering gives it almost an olive-like color. It reminds me of an ancient treasure, so beautiful. I’m really glad I decided to try it a second time. Application is great, I just needed one coat to get all of that sparkly goodness.

How beautiful is THAT?! :D

Have a nice day, polish-heads. ;)

Dupes or not?

The other day when I got the Dior polishes, I had a sneaking suspicion that two of them were dupes for polishes I already had. So I had to make some swatches to make sure whether they were or not.

The first three are Nfu-Oh #83, Dior Pink Socialite and Bourjois Club à Miami #17. They are all pink jellies with glitter suspended in them.


And here they are on the nails. They are from left to right the same as in the bottle pic. I used three coats for each of them, over ridge filler and no top coat.

comp 1 nails

As you can see, they are not total dupes, though Nfu-Oh #83 and Dior Pink Socialite are pretty similar. Dior is a bit darker than Nfu-Oh, and Nfu-Oh has both gold, blue and purple glitter, whereas Dior only has gold glitter. Bourjois has gold glitter, and also larger, multicolored glitter. It’s also lighter and more sheer than the others.

The second comparison heat consists of Bourjois 1 seconde #9, Dior Liquorice and OPI Midnight in Moscow.


Already here you can kinda tell that Midnight in Moscow really doesn’t have anything to do with the two others, but it’s also a dark polish with microglitter.

On the nails. I used two coats over ridge filler, and no top coat.

comp 2 nails

The Bourjois and the Dior are clearly purple, while I’m not quite sure what base color the OPI is. Black or charcoal? The Bourjois is darker than the Dior, and has purple glitter, while the Dior has gold glitter. The OPI has red or burgundy glitter.

So in conclusion, no dupes, just similiarities.

Big haul!

Yesterday, Jolene and I went shopping for OPI stuff in the Nazih (sic!) store on Salwa Road in Doha. Sadly, they didn’t have any of the polishes on my lemmings list, but that didn’t prevent me from getting a lot of other goodies instead!

I got two polishes, OPI DS Chiffon and Midnight in Moscow, and also some acetone, polish remover, ridge filler, nail files and a foot shaver. The small kit in the back contains Drip Dry drops, Big Apple Red miniature polish, RapidDry Top Coat and Avojuice cream.

nazih haul

When my husband came home, he brought with him my package from Head 2 Toe Beauty, so this day just got better and better. I had ordered 14 different polishes, as well as Poshé top coat and some acetone clean up pens. Sadly, the bottle of Misa Toxic Seduction didn’t make it, but at least this package got here, unlike the package from Trans Design that still is in a limbo somewhere in the Q-post system.

The goodies!

h2t haul

Color Club Ultra Violet and Pure Energy.

color club

Misa A Sin Worth Committing (without it’s companion, R.I.P. Toxic Seduction, we hardly knew ye).


Orly Golden Maharaja, Midnight Star, Star Spangled.


China Glaze Outta Bounds, Blue Paradise, Watermelon Rind, Cowgirl Up.

chg 1

China Glaze Branding Iron, Lubu Heels, Gussied Up Green.


And last, but not least, the other day I was at Debenhams and picked up these little cuties. Glitter mini Bourjois!

debenhams haul

Now I just keep my fingers crossed for the TD package, Q-post better get their act together!


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