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Hare Oceans of Alloys

Hi guys! I’m still here, gestating away with my carpal tunnel syndrome-ridden hands. ;) I just thought I’d quickly stop by to show you one of the most beautiful polishes I’ve been wearing in a long time! Here we have Hare Oceans of Alloys, released with the Finder’s Keepers collection this fall.

According to Hare, Oceans of Alloys is “a dusty light blue jelly with a mixture of gold and copper glitter in both hexes and squares in several different sizes. Mysterious iridescent blue glitter is scattered throughout, as well as delicate gold flecks.” The base color looks more green than blue on me, but there’s no doubt that this is truly unique and very gorgeous! I can’t stop admiring my nails right now.

Hare Oceans of Alloys 1

Hare Oceans of Alloys 2

Hare Oceans of Alloys 3

The formula is great, I used three thin coats of OoA alone for this mani. I had no problems getting thin, even coats, and the glitters are easy to distribute and don’t clump together at all. You’ll need a few layers of top coat, I got this one smooth with two coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you soon!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso

Rescue Beauty Lounge is a new brand for me, it’s not that RBL doesn’t have a lot of gorgeous polishes, but the $18 price tag plus really expensive international shipping has put me off buying any of these. And technically, I still haven’t bought one, because Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso was gifted to me as a random act of kindness on a nail polish board I’m on. Thank you so much, K! :D

Piu Mosso came out in 2011 with the L’Oiseau de Feu collection, which had four polishes inspired by the hurricane Earl. It has a very dark blue base color with beautiful copper-colored shimmer throughout. It looks mostly black in regular light, but in the sun, the gorgeous shimmer really stands out.


This was very pigmented, so in theory I could have gotten away with just one coat. I used two, though, because I feel like one coat is too thin most of the time. It was also very easy to apply.

Rescue Beauty Lounge can be bought here, but unfortunately Piu Mosso is sold out at the moment. Hopefully it will be back in stock soon!

Have you tried any RBL polishes? Looking at the swatches, now I’m really lemming Poco a Poco and Aqua Lily. I’m hoping I’ll be able to grab them when Ji has her “Bring It Back” thing in November.

OPI Tease-y Does It

I continue my “wearing older, vampy polishes on short nubbins” streak with this beauty from last year: OPI Tease-y Does It. This is from one of OPI’s best collections ever, in my opinion, the Burlesque collection. There were so many gorgeous polishes in this collection, it’s hard to choose a favorite.

Tease-y Does It has a dusty, brownish burgundy base filled with glassflecks that change between crimson and copper. It’s every vampy lover’s dream, I can tell you that! It’s so glowy and gorgeous, I love it!

The formula is good enough, but it kept wanting to run into my skin and cuticles. Maybe it’s because I’m not that used to painting shorter nails yet? It covers nicely in 2-3 coats, I used 3 coats for a deeper, richer color.

Did you like the Burlesque collection as much as I do?

NOTD: Dior Vernis Coppery Ginger

Sometimes I act really strangely. I get all excited about buying new nailpolish, and then I just put my new loot in my polish drawer and forget about it. That’s what happened with today’s polish, Dior Vernis Coppery Ginger.

So yesterday I was tidying up in said drawer, and I was going back and forth trying to decide which polish to use for my next mani. Eventually, I picked this one, and now I regret never trying it earlier.

Coppery Ginger really lives up to it’s name, being a light copper metallic. And it’s so shiny, it almost looks like I have small copper plates on my nails! It’s neutral, but not boring, and that’s how I like it.

Application is good, and I really like the flat shaped brush. Because of the metallic finish, expect brushstrokes! I have still not figured out how to apply metallics without getting brushstrokes, so for now I just have to live with it. Two coats make this one opaque.

I took a lot of pictures in different lighting, but the ones which came out best were taken in direct sunlight and indoors without flash. So that’s what you get! :D

Dior Coppery Ginger (sunlight)Dior Coppery Ginger (no flash)

What do you think of Coppery Ginger? And do you think it’s worth it to pay extra for “high-end” nailpolish?
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day! :D


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