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Sinful Colors Rich In Heart and Sweet Dreams

I just love all the glitters I’ve tried recently, but sometimes it’s lovely just to put on a good, old-fashioned simple shimmer or glassfleck. These two Sinfuls hit the right spot for me, even if they’re very different from one another. One is a gorgeous vampy shimmer, the other is a beautiful, crisp glassfleck. I got them both in swaps, and I was positively surprised by both of them.

Sinful Colors Rich In Heart is a deep, dark red vampy shimmer. It reminds me of red wine, the color changes from a deep red to a mahogany brown at times. Such a sexy polish, I love it! I wanted to layer something over it, but I ended up wearing it for four days alone, because it’s such a stunner.

Sinful Colors Sweet Dreams is a blue-green polish with lots of fine silver glassfleck shimmer. It’s from the Girls in Pearls collection, which also contains this summer’s hit Cinderella. This is a very cute and summery color, it reminds me of a cool and soothing swimming pool.

Both of the polishes had a very nice formula, and they were both opaque in two coats. I love the Sinful brush, it’s flat and firm, I think it’s perfect!

Which “staple” polishes do you love to wear between glitterbombs?


Candeo Mallard

How do you make an awesome mani even awesomer? ADD GLITTAR!!!

I thought Candeo Mallard would be a match made in heaven for Rimmel Mania, and I was right. Mallard’s shimmery semi-sheer lilac base loaded with purple shimmer, silver, lime, and green hex glitter looks gorgeous over Mania when it shifts from deep blue to green. I’ve said it before, but I have to say it again; I’m so impressed with the color combinations of the Candeos. Melinda comes up with mixes that sounds like they wouldn’t work at all, but it all comes together so beautifully, and I think all the Candeo bottles I own are pure magic.

The formula is as usual impeccable. It’s thin enough to spread easily on the nail, but not too thin, and the glitters are all very well suspended in the base. Shown is one coat of Mallard over Mania.

Candeos are sold directly from Candeo Colors ($9) or from Llarowe ($11).

Rimmel Mania

Warning, extremely rubbing-it-in-your-face post incoming!

Don’t you just love it when you finally fulfill a longtime lemming? I never thought I’d have Rimmel Mania on my nails this lifetime, but in an unbelieveable stroke of luck, it’s finally mine! I think I fell in love with this stunner after seeing Pretty Random‘s swatches (don’t go there if you don’t love to get extremely frustrated, her VVVHTF swatches are gorgeous and will break your heart). Unfortunately, it’s (of course) discontinued and very hard to find, and no matter how much I searched for it, I couldn’t find it. But finally I struck gold, and managed to swap for it with a very nice girl from MUA. Yay!

Mania has a blue-to-green duochrome with lots of golden shimmer, it’s like Bloom San Francisco (Bianca) on steroids. I just had to make a collage, because I couldn’t limit myself to only two pics! Please click to enlarge.

The formula was pretty good, and I got even coverage in two coats. The brush, however, was a bit weird. It was bristly, stiff and uneven, which made application a bit of a challenge.

Which big lemmings have you fulfilled? Which ones are you still searching for?

All That Glitters Kissing On A Frog

Kirsten from All That Glitters released her Princess Collection this fall, and I bought three out of the seven glitterbombs. Tonight I’m trying out my first choice of the three, this one’s called All That Glitters Kissing On A Frog.

Kissing On A Frog has a green/yellow duo colored base with sea green, periwinkle, turquoise, blues and greens mixed in various colors, shapes and sizes. It’s seriously packed with glitter, so I decided to layer it over a corresponding base color, in this case Essie Turquoise and Caicos. At first I didn’t fall for this polish, thinking that the heavy shimmer made it look a bit too frosty. But after a while, it grew on me. This looks really great in indirect light, super sparkly and fun! It’s also a nice change of pace from the pink, purple and blue stuff I usually tend to steer towards.

(Please click on the pics to enlarge, I hate how weird and unfocused the pictures get when they are compressed on the blog!)

There’s no denying it, this polish is thick. Being this packed with glitter, it’s understandable that the formula will be on the moppy side, so I think I’ll feed it some thinner before I use it another time. I only needed one coat over Essie T&T for this mani, though, and the glitters spread reasonably well on the nail in spite of the chunky polish. It’s also quite smooth for a glitter, so I only needed a coat of Gelous with Seche Vite on top to get it even.

All That Glitters purchase and updates info:
Etsy – $8 a bottle, ships internationally
Facebook – Check out the new Halloween “BOO-tique” Collection!

Pahlish Toxic and Timeless

Chaosophia wanted to see Pahlish Toxic and Timeless swatches, and I guess great minds think alike, because that was the polish I had already put on my nails!

T&T has a seaweed green jelly base with small iridescent glitter, large blue/lime/chartreuse hex and blue/chartreuse bars. It’s such an awesome glitterbomb, just looking at the bottle makes me kinda breathless. It’s like staring into a parallel galaxy.

I decided not to layer this over anything, because I wanted it to look as deep and glittery as it does in the bottle. This was achieved with three coats of T&T on its own. Now, this was challenging to apply, to say the least. Because of the sheer amount of glitter in the base, the consistency of the polish was more like oatmeal. I had to get creative to get an even application, so there was a lot of dabbing and pushing around even with cuticle sticks.

I added a bunch of thinner to the bottle (two big droppers full of Seche Restore) after doing this mani, and it looks like it would apply much better now. I rather prefer it to be too thick though, it’s easier to thin it than to thicken a polish that’s too thin with sinking glitter.

Pahlish can be bought at Etsy for $9 a bottle, they are also available at Llarowe for $10 a bottle.


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