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Another week’s hauls!

Last week the rest of my various orders came in, so now I’m properly overwhelmed by indie gorgeousness. Here’s a little picspam of the stuff that appeared in my mailbox.

First we have a couple of Pahlish polishes, Toxic and Timeless and My Oblivion. These are not new, but they weren’t in stock when I placed my last order, so I snagged them when I saw they were available again. And don’t you just love the new label?!

Next up is three bottles from Rainbow Honey‘s Sakura Matsuri collection. I got Koi Pond, Sakura Matsuri and Hanami. I’ve been lemming these for so long, and I was thrilled when the collection finally got back in stock!

All That Glitters recently released a new collection called The Princess Collection, and of course I had to get a few of those. My picks were Kissing On A Frog, Arose From A Sleep and Not A Prize To Be Won.

Finally, I managed to get my hands on Lynnderellas from the newest collection Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice. As you may know, these are now only available on eBay for buyers in the US, but luckily I got a friend to help me “mule” them over here. I got six of these this time, as I’ve snagged Common Sense in a private sale earlier.

The first three are Deep Blue Seeing, When The Moon Was A Star and 50 Shades of May-Be.

And the other three are The Garden of Even, Glass Houses and A Neutral Party.

For shopping and pricing info, check under the “Indie Sellers” header in the sidebar.

Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see swatched!

Zoya Haul

Some of you might remember my strange aversion to start any new brands, and that I’ve been resisting Zoya for the longest time? Well, I’m weak and easily charmed by pretty colors and blingy finishes, so I just couldn’t resist these delicious bottles any more! A few weeks ago I finally broke down and opened the floodgates of Zoya into my stash, and here’s the result of my first ever “big” Zoya haul!

Top l to r: Isla, Jules, Apple, Edyta.
Bottom l to r: Valerie, Cynthia, Caitlin, Sara.

I bought these from Nailetc, the prices vary between $5.99 and $6.99 a bottle. Shipping was $19.99, and everything arrived quickly and in great shape (except for the weird “ZO” on Edyta, but that’s just cosmetics). This was my first time shopping from this site, so I’m very happy that everything went well.

What do you think? I love the colors I got, and I really look forward to what Zoya has to offer in the future, now that I’m on board with hoarding this brand as well. Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see swatched!

H&M Haul

Last weekend my husband and I were staying at my family’s summer place with my parents, my two sisters and their families. The weather wasn’t the best, so one of the days we decided to go for a drive to the nearest city for shopping. While we were there, I stopped by H&M, and of course I picked up a few of their awesome nail polishes.

Chica Boom Boom is a bright orange/red jelly. Going Bananas is a very nice pastel yellow with some beautiful hidden shimmer. No Mambo Jambo is a bright green with turquoise shimmer, and Moody Model is a dark teal jelly.

Here are some nail wheel swatches, in the same order as the above pic.

These are very nice and pigmented, are easy to apply and affordable at only NOK 39,50 a piece. H&M has a very wide selection of nail polish, so there should be something for everyone.

Have you tried any of H&M’s nail polishes?

Lookfantastic Haul

With OPI crapping their pants over the cheapo online retailers, it’s getting harder and harder (and more expensive!) to get OPIs here in Norway. Luckily still sells them, but unfortunately they are £9.95 a pop, but I’m such a sucker for OPI so I just had to get these babies no matter what.

From the Hong Kong Collection: Jade Is The New Black, Meet Me On The Star Ferry, Suzi Says Feng Shui.

From the España Collection and Alice in Wonderland Collection: Here Today…  Aragon Tomorrow, Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees, and of course I had to get a backup of Absolutely Alice.

A special holiday kit containing My Private Jet and DS Coronation and a small pouch which I really don’t know what do do with.

The cat does not approve of this madness.

Gift Haul & Swatches: Golden Rose Paris Nail Lacquer

My parents have just got home from a week in Turkey, and my mom was super nice and brought back these polishes for me! What a pleasant surprise! :D

The brand is Golden Rose, an European brand that sells a wide range of cosmetics. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but they seem to have a lot of different nail polishes according to their web site. The holos and glitters look awesome!

The polishes my mom got is the Paris brand, these are just 3 Euro a piece, so that’s quite affordable.
Let’s check out the swatches!

#71 is a black creme. Two coats.

#53 is a blue shimmer, three coats.

#54 is a camera shy purple shimmer. The first pic is not color accurate, while the second is. Four coats.

And finally, #88, which is a turquoise jelly/creme. It looks blue here, but it’s more greenish in real life. I got a real Chanel Nouvelle Vague-vibe from this one. 6 (!) coats.

The formula on these is pretty much perfect. Not too thick and not too thin, glides on beautifully. Except for the turqouise that needed 6 coats to be opaque, they are nice and easy to work with.  I actually like #88 best, so I guess I have a lot of painting in front of me. ;)

These aren’t very unique, and can easily be replaced with similar colors from other brands. Here are some comparisons with polishes from China Glaze. (I didn’t compare #71 to anything, because a black creme is a black creme is a black creme. You get it.)

Coconut Kiss and Golden Rose Paris #54 are pretty dupey.

Blue Paradise and Golden Rose Paris #53 are similar as well.

The only turquoise-ish CG I have is For Audrey, but Golden Rose Paris #88 doesn’t look like that at all.

How’s that for a surprise!? :D
This definitely got me interested in more of these Golden Rose polishes, I’ll keep an eye out for them from now on.

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend!
Love, S.


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